Glam Fairy Season 2 Premiere Party

Last night was filled with glitter, glam and fairies. I attended the Glam Fairy premiere party at Teak on the Hudson in Hoboken, NJ. As a VIP guest I enjoyed complimentary drinks and cupcakes as well as a live performance by Reina. Glamorous Cosmetics and Dana Bands hosted giveaway and tables were filled with wands and chocolate lipstick treats. It was a beyond glam event.

Cast members from the Glam Fairy show and Jerseylicious were in attendance as well as a few other reality stars. I met so many new people and can’t get over what a fabulous event it was. Make sure you watch Glam Fairy Sundays at 9pm est on the Style Network-- especially because you’ll get to see me on this season! I’m one of Alexa’s Glam Academy students so keep an eye out for that. The night ended with a live viewing of the first episode of the show and of course I had to re-watch it when I got home.

I posted a couple of photos on my instagram but you can check out the rest of the photos from the event below as well as (me and fellow blogger and Glam Academy student Angelica Alberti are featured.)


Karl Giant of Glam Fairy

Jon Kutlu of Glam Fairy and Jerseylicious

Jessica Romano of Glam Fairy and Jerseylicious

Kalyn Braun of Big Rich Texas -- loved meeting her so beautiful xoxo

Boyfriend and friends♡

The Glam Academy students of Glam Fairy

Naty Michele fashion blogger behind

Brittany Conners of Jerseylicious -- pic is a bit blurry but I love my Britty♡