Getting A Spray Tan + Mainting Your Tan

There's something about getting a spray tan that makes you feel like a brand new person. I've always used self-tanners at home. For over a month now I stopped using self tanners and ended too light for my liking. I decided to give an at-home spray tan a try and it was amazing. Brandi from Smooches Mobile Tanning came to my house and gave me a custom, organic spray tan. She brought a black tent for you to get in for the tan and all her own equipment. The entire process is so quick -- I think it took a total of 30 minutes to set up, get my tan and dry off. I was left with a healthy glow that lasted a little over a week.

Here are some tips for getting a spray tan and maintaining the color:

  • Shave and exfoliate the day before your spray tan is scheduled
  • Wear absolutely no makeup
  • After your tan wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Try to schedule your tan in the evening because you won't be able to shower for about 6-8 hours
  • After the 6 hours have passed shower to reveal the amazing color
  • Moisturize A LOT afterwards -- keeping your skin hydrated will ensure a longer lasting color

Not only is a spray tan safer on your skin, but it also gives you an instant tan! I share my experience on this video. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't cooperating the night of the spray tan, but I did my best to capture it.  

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