Get Your Lip Savvy On

I’m not one to shy away from anything that sparkles and that’s why I love my new lip gloss from Lip Savvy in the shade OMG. Lip Savvy offers two types of lip gloss. One type is Star Studded Shine (which is where my shade falls in). The colors in this collection give you a multi-dimensional shine and major sparkle. The other type is ColorGlam which provides more of a matte finish. In all there are 22 shades to pick from.

First of, all of the lip glosses from the Lip Savvy collection come in their own unique packaging. Someone out there knows how much I love animal print, because mine came in a Zebra design. Other than the design, I love the actual tube. There’s no mess and you control how much lip gloss to use with this self click-able tube.

Lip Savvy’s OMG is a fuchsia shade with tons of sparkles -- definitely the kind of gloss you pick up when you want a fun pink color. It has a fruity, sweet smell and isn’t sticky at all which I love.

Lip Savvy looks good and lasts forever on your lips, but it’s the formula behind the gloss that makes it exceptional. This gloss doubles as a lip plumper without you even knowing it. The Hyaluronic Filling Spheres plumps your lips (without the tingly feeling), moisturizes and smooths out wrinkles. This anti-aging lip gloss protects lips from several types of free radicals and slows down damage.

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