Get Violent Lips

One of the things I love most about beauty is that you never know what trend will appear next. As a little girl I obsessed with the temporary tattoos you applied with water, and when I heard about Violent Lips my inner child came out.

Violent Lips, temporary lip tattoos offers a variety of designs to choose. You can have anything on your lips from a rainbow to polka dots to cheetah print. Each pack bring three applications and are pretty easy to apply. They’re big so you might need some scissors to get it closer to the size of your lips. Place the sticky side on your lips and wet with some water on a cotton ball. After 40 seconds or so peel it back and your desired design is on your lips.

The lip tattoo can last from 4 to 8 hours. Once you’re ready to remove grab some baby oil and rub on the tattoo. While this is a fun trend I don’t think I’ll be walking down the streets or going to work with pink, polka dot lips. But if it’s Halloween or a fun, crazy themed party then why not!

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