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If you are living life in the fast lane, it’s hard to take care of yourself, but Laurel House founder of has the quickie chick solution to everything. From workouts, to eating right, offers shortcuts to living life at the fullest.


Let’s face it; exercise can be extremely difficult for those who lack drive and motivation. However, finding fun and unique ways to exercise isn’t that hard.

“The best way to make exercise fun is by doing things that are fun to you! You aren't going to get a football player to do ballet (well, it's unlikely), just like you aren't going to get me to play basketball (well, it's unlikely). BUT, a football player will likely love working out with weights in the gym, and I love doing Quickie Workouts in Bed, Kayaking, Hiking, and Dancing (yes, dancing at clubs is an amazing calorie burner). The great thing about exercise is that it can be completely catered to your needs, likes, and schedule. It's anything but cookie cutter. My goal is to give lots of ideas (many of which are kind of unconventional) to help you move your body, burn calories, get healthy, and lose weight- for good this time,” says Laurel House.


Food can be tricky when you are dieting, but not all healthy foods are bland and boring. Eating right also has a multitude of benefits.

“Food isn’t for the sole purpose of filling and fattening you up! There are lots of Bites with Benefits- foods that can help improve your looks, mood and attitude,” House states.

For foods that aid in anything from minimizing cellulite, getting a natural tan, and healing scars; check out these quickie tips.

Look exercise, diet and nutrition can be made simple. If eating right is one of your New Year’s resolutions, the Quickie Chick has recipes for any occasion.


Believe it or not, Laurel House seems to have a ‘quickie’ for everything from hangovers, to romance, to career.

“Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes, Dull Hair, Sagging Butt, Zero Energy, Hangover... There's a Quickie for that! The whole concept behind Quickie Chick is that there is a quick solution for pretty much everything life throws your way. Sure, sometimes they are quirky, unconventional, or they may even look strange (like the "Ugliest, Most Effective Quickie Workout in Bed" or the "StilettoQuickies"), but in the end they work!” says Laurel House.

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