Get To Know Jon Kutlu of The Glam Fairy

The Glam Fairy show premieres tonight at 8pm EST on the Style Network and I know all of you #Glamming dolls will be tuning in. To hold you off until then I've got an exclusive interview with Jon Kutlu. Get to know him before everyone else does! Enjoy xoxo

You and Alexa seem pretty close and you’ve mentioned that you met her before she became ‘The Glam Fairy’. Can you tell me a little bit about how that relationship formed and when the two of you met.

I met Alexa in college at William Paterson University. I walked into class the first day and sat right next to her because she seemed like my kind of girl; big designer handbag and a cute outfit. As soon as I sat next to her, she looked at me and said, “are those linen-blend?” in regard to my pants, and ever since then, we became best friends. It’s history from there.

What is your role at the Glam Fairy headquarters? What are some of your everyday tasks?

I am the Glam Fairy Client Liaison. My main priority is to make sure the clients are comfortable, happy, and entertained and enjoy their experience with Alexa and the Glam Fairies at the Glam Factory. Plus, I get to be their gay BFF for the day.

What cast member have you become the closest to since filming started?

Besides Alexa, who I’ve been close to for nearly a decade, I’ve also gotten close with the rest of the girls. They each have a special and very distinct personality and each one of them bring out a different side of me. If I want to be fun and carefree, I talk to A2--if I want to be sexual, I talk to Briella--If I want to be witty, I talk to Jessica--if I need advice, I ask Sharie. They’re all amazing and fun people to work with.

What will viewers learn about you from watching the show?

They’ll see that I have a very strong personality and I stand my ground no matter what. My work ethic for The Glam Factory will be there and strong. My values in friendship and me being a good friend will also be evident throughout the season.

What is something you have learned about yourself?

I can handle a lot of pressure and I don’t look good in bright blue jeans.

How have things been different since filming started?

Ha, the main thing is I’m a little more tired than usual--and now instead of being at four shots of espresso in the morning, I am up to five.

Is there one moment on the show or episode that you know will shock us all? What can you tell me about that?

Each of the transformations throughout the season are all shocking in it of themselves, because we take ordinary people (mostly women) who just want to change the way they feel about themselves and that in itself is shocking because the results are extraordinary. Besides the transformations, we also have a lot of drama going on within the factory. We all have strong personalities and opinions, so put us all in a room for a few hours, and there is bound to be some sort of argument, guaranteed.

There is not a bad picture of you and you’re always looking so stylish. What are some of your favorite places to shop?

Aww, that’s so sweet! One of my ULTIMATE favorite places to shop is at Society Men in Westwood, NJ and the owner, Mary Alice, actually styled me for quite a few of the episodes this season. I love stores that are trendy yet exclusive. I live for Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, H&M, and all the Jersey favorites: Armani Exchange, Guess?, Express, and H&M (but I mix and match and do my own thing, I don’t dress like a typical Jersey juice head, because I’m not one).

And now for some beauty…

Do you have any skin care, hair or makeup tricks that you can share with me?

For the boys: please stop doing the whole Pauly D thing: it doesn’t work anymore. Trick wise, go to bed without washing your hair and then do your hair the next morning and look how amazing it comes out! I know it sounds dirty, but it’s so worth it.

How do you define beauty?

As cliche as it sounds, beauty truly does come within--but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enhance that beauty with some of your favorite hair and make-up products and a cute outfit. Oh, and a nice bronzer helps too.

Make sure you tune for the premiere of the show and follow Jon @JonKutlu.