Get to Know Gisell from

Tell me a little bit about yourself. My name is Gisell Dejesus from Pennsylvania. I have been doing hair for 10 years. Hair is my passion. I want to open up my own franchise beauty salon one day. I also want my own product line, jewelry line, perfume line, makeup line, and my own reality show. Yes I want it all.

How long have you been creating your own jewelry?

I have been making jewelry for about two years. I love it and I think I have the talent. The collection of the cuffs is named Rok Starz collection. If anyone out there wants to help me please let me know or contact me

Also how much are the pieces?

The leather cuffs can range from $25 up to $50. It really depends on time and design.

Where do you get inspiration?

I read a lot. I love fashion magazines. People around me inspire me. I am very observant so my ideas come from what I see day to day.  :)

Is it all-handmade?

All the Leather cuffs are handmade and some of the silver are separate pieces that I put together into a design by me. I'm more into designing cuffs than silver.

Why did you start blogging and how did about?

I started blogging because I like to inform people on what's good out there. I am new to blogging and I started not to long ago, but I do love it though. The name beautyrumours came about because I love to gossip so the word rumours just stood out for me. Of course I had to add the u in there to make it different. I want to clarify the rumours of hair products out there by trying them first and then writing about my experiences.

I know you're a hair stylist, so what are some of your favorite, must-have hair products?

It’s a 10 leave in conditioner and It’s a 10 leave in spray (Yes guys that’s what the products are called: It’s a 10!) before the use of the flat iron. The masque is an absolute. Actually the whole line is the best out there right now that you can see results on your hair.

What's your definition of beauty?

For me every woman is beautiful, I just come in to enhance it and make the most beautiful features stand out.

Check out some of Gisell's jewelry below and follow her twitter @GisellStylist and her site