Get Emma Watson's Classic Look

This year at the MTV Movie Awards, Emma Watson stole the show not just by winning the notable "trailblazer" award, but by looking absolutely flawless while doing so. When I first saw her, my thoughts were: she looks clean, feminine, classy, and all-around awesome. I immediately began an attempt to emulate her look.



Overall, Emma chose a very subtle makeup route.

Start by using a liquid foundation that is either equal to, or slightly lighter than your skin tone. Most importantly, do not use a liquid foundation that is even the least bit darker than your skin tone. Distribute the foundation evenly throughout your face, paying close attention to the under-eye area.

Next, lightly dust your face with a loose powder foundation that is once again equal to your skin tone. Follow with a dusting of loose powder bronzer in the normal contouring zones. The amount of bronzer should be minimal; be careful not to overdo it.

Finish with a gentle sweep of rose blush along your cheek bones. The blush color should be a light, gentle pink that doesn't stray too far from what your cheeks look like naturally when flushed.


To obtain Emma's minimally smokey eyes, start by applying eye primer to the top of your eyelids as well as to the inner corners of your eyes.  Use bronze shadow on the eyelid, and apply a line of brown shadow under the eye and around the outer corners. Finish with a line of black liquid liner across the upper lid. At the outer corners, you can create short, subtle wings for some added drama. Finally, apply black mascara to both the upper and lower lashes followed by the use of an eyelash curler.


To tie this look of beautiful innocence together, use a light shimmer gloss on your lips. Stick to shades that fall within the light pink/nude range.

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