Get Away With Kio Kio

If you’re looking for great smelling products that are good for your skin then look no further. Kio Kio has a collection of color-coordinated body creams, fragrances and body washes with individual scents. They’re made in New Zealand and have plant-based ingredients instead of some of the harsh chemicals found in other products.

The Pacific Tiare & Ti Kauka (blue) body mist has a fresh scent and stays on your skin without being overpowering. The body wash in the matching scent is incredibly soothing. You can’t help but feel relaxed after using both.

Some of Kio Kio’s other scents are:

  • Citrus Petal & Tarata (yellow)
  • Rainforest & Koromiko (green)
  • Frangipani & Puriri (pink)

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