Geometric Patterns Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art can be very easy to try even for those who have no tools. For those who are new to nail art, geometric patterns can be an easy option to try. Geometric patterns include anything with lines to patterns and there are many easy ways to sport this style. It wouldn’t require many things, also not much time too. Also the shades can be alternated to suit one’s choice.  Here the pattern is done using three different bright shades and scotch tape.

avon nail


Things Needed: 3 bright nail paints from different color categories. Choose shades like green, orange and blue or red, green and yellow or something similar to these. Go for contrasts to get the most stunning look. If you want a subtle touch, choose some pastel shades. Also you need a base coat and a top coat. And at last Scotch tape.

Step 1

Apply a base coat and apply the lightest shade of the three chosen shades. For this nail art I used sweet mint from Avon Nail wear Pro range. It’s a mint shade which is very subtle but it can be bright too depending o the shade chosen along with it. I used it to coat my entire nails. Apply a second layer if you feel the color is not intense enough. Wait for it to dry and then proceed with the next steps.

Step 2

Then use small pieces of scotch tape and use it diagonally on the nails. Alternate each nail for a better look. I used Lakme Fast and Fabulous One Stroke Nail Color but you may use any shade contrasting to the first shade we used. Now fill up the remaining area of the nail which is not covered in scotch tape. Let the layer dry and remove the scotch tape. This way you will get a clean line.

Step 3

Now take some more pieces of scotch tape and apply it over the nails in such a way to alternate the colors with each nail. Then as we did in the previous step color the exposed area of the nails and wait for it to dry up. Then remove the scotch tape. And now your geometric pattern is ready.

Step 4

Top with a layer of top coat to seal the nail art for a long time. Using a top coat will ensure that the nail art and stays for a long time without chipping easily.

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