From Dark to Light Hair + Hair Care

Last week I decided to attempt to lighten my super-dark brown hair. Thankfully it was successful, but it took three days to achieve the color I ended up with. Before I continue I want to let you guys know that I didn’t decide to do this on a whim. I researched various methods on how to lighten dark hair and looked up reviews on the products I wanted to use.


If you’ve ever dyed your hair and have incredibly dark hair like I did then you’re going to need a product that trips the hair of dyes. (Much better than bleaching your hair entirely.) I chose the product Color Zap. This products removes hair dye from your hair and allows you to dye your hair without having to wait a couple of days in between. (You have to dry the hair first. You can't apply hair to damp hair.)

Color Zap: Follow the directions on the box, but the darker your hair is the longer you will need to leave the product in your hair. Because the root of your hair is virgin hair leave it for last. That hair is going to lighten the quickest and before you know it your roots will be bleach blonde like mine were.

After Color Zap my hair was bright orange at the ends and blonde at the root. After letting it dry I applied the hair dye from Ion Brilliance in the color 5N Light Natural Brown. It toned the orangeness down, but the colors still didn’t match. The following day I used a golden light brown color dye from Clairol, but applied it mostly to my roots. Since they were so blonde I needed to tone the color down to match the rest of my hair.

After three days of processing my hair my I was finally done and had a color I loved. It was incredibly light but it’s going to take extra care to maintain its health. I’m using Macadamia Deep Repair Mask to keep it moisturized, soft and healthy. After rinsing that out I put Macadamia Nourishing Leave-In Cream and their Treatment Oil and brush it through damp hair. Occasionally I allow the hair to air dry. The less heat you apply the better. The three Macadamia products are lifesavers – literally. They can be a bit pricey but so worth it in a situation where your hair needs the best care possible and to me Macadamia is the best.

For more photos and details on the entire process check out my video on my beauty channel on YouTube.