Fresh Scents for Spring


IMG_3165fresh has always been a brand that I've been rather obsessed with. Their products cover the whole map, including: makeup, skincare, haircare, body care, and fragrance. Basically, they do it all and they do it amazingly. They use natural ingredients in their products such as soy, sugar, milk, and rice. That being said, whenever spring comes around, I always get this itch for a new fragrance; something fresh (no pun intended) and new to say cheers to the warm weather and blooming flowers. Anyway, I've been coveting this fresh fragrance for quite a while now, and the other day I finally caved. All I can say is, thank god I did because it's heavenly. I'm not so great at describing scents, so I'll tell you how the fresh website describes this lovely scent: "a delicious fragrance that combines sparkling citrus notes of bergamot and Brazilian sweet orange, soft floral notes of white lily and heliotrope, and gourmand base notes of caramel and vanilla." - Yes, that about sums it up.

Other fresh fragrances that are lovely for spring and summer are sugar lemon, cannabis rose, and fig apricot. Sugar Lemon is the perfect mixture of fruity and floral for spring that will leave people around you wondering who or what smells so delicious. Cannabis Rose is floral, sultry, and perfect for a night out! Lastly, Fig Apricot is fruity and floral with notes of green tea, fig leaf, and dandelion. Which scent do you think would suit you most for spring/summer?!

fresh sugar lem

fresh cannabis rosefresh figgg









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