Freeze Your Fat Off

Jonathan Cheban is to the right, Kim K. and publicist Simon Huck to the left. Last night the E! reality show, Spin Crowd, premiered. Among multiple executive producers, Kim Kardashian is not only one of them, but she's the one who originally pitched the shows idea. The show is based on the publicists Jonathan and Simon from Command PR and how they do their job. In one 30 minute episode I watched a girl get collagen injections in her lips and publicist Jonathan Cheban had some of his fat frozen off. The lips I wasn't so shocked over, but freezing fat off was something new.

It's not as literal as it sounds. The procedure is  called Cryolipolysis and made by Zeltiq. It's described as a non-invasive form of liposuction, but targets small areas of the body. The body naturally breaks down and removes fat cells over time. When temperatures are much colder, this process happens at a much quicker speed. A cooling pouch is placed on your love handles to keep it cool, and then the cooling machine is placed over it and sucks the fat.

Watch a woman get the procedure done in this youtube video.