Freeman Beauty Kit Giveaway

As a product obsessed individual and super girly girl, when I think about a first aid kit, I’m not exactly thinking about a medical kit. Instead Freeman beauty products come to mind. I received a pink little pouch with their goodies and it’s exactly the kind of thing I would take on a trip. Just wait until I tell you about the Freeman products it contained and read all the way till the end to get the scoop on how to win your own!

Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Clay Mask:

My first thought when I opened this mask up was to whip out some ice cream and pour some over it. The mask smells just like chocolate and I won’t lie I tasted it too and it’s pretty yummy. The mask feels so refreshing on my skin and leaves me feeling really moisturized. This is perfect to bring to a sleep over/ beauty party.

Facial Peel-Off Mask in Cucumber and Avocado & Oatmeal:

These masks were fun to try period and I loved being able to peel it off. The cucumber scented one was my fave. Anything that makes my skin feel fresh and clean is good in my book.

Pssssst! Shower Cap:

Every girl needs a shower cap. It keeps your hair clear and dry while you shower, on those days when you don’t need to shampoo and condition.


I’m choosing TWO readers to win a Freeman beauty kit. In order to qualified for the giveaway you must:

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This giveaway ends on Wednesday October 26th.