Forbes Top Selling Celebrity Perfumes

From Sarah Jessica Parker (I had Lovely and Covet) to Antonio Banderas, celebrity perfumes are all the rage. But, ever wonder what the top selling celebrity perfumes are? This week Forbes Magazine has the answer.

1. Topping the list, with a raking total of $54 million in sales (last year), is Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds.

2. Coming in number two with a shocking $27 million in sales is Derek Jeter's cologne Driven (Didn't know he even had a fragrance out!)

3. Music superstar Beyonce's fragrance Heat was launched last year and brought in $21 million in sales.

Runner ups? Each of these star power contenders tied equally in sales numbers.

*Unforgiveable by P. Diddy's Sean Jean Brand ($18 million) *NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker ($18 million) *Fancy by Jessica Simpson ($18 million) *Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani ($18 million)

Any of your favorites made the list? If not what are some of your all time favorite celebrity favorites?