Five Products NOT to Buy

1. Aussie Opposites Attract Extra Strong Hold & Touchable Feel Hair Spray auusie hair spray

It does have extra strong hold, but definitely not a touchable feel. It sprays in a stream rather than a mist, and it dries very crunchy.

2. L'Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eye Liner

loreal lineur intense

The formula is actually really good. It leaves a dark, vibrant line that stays put for a pretty long time. However, the brush is square at the end, making it really hard to work with. It's difficult to get a thin line, and almost impossible to get a pointy winged look because it does not come to a point. There is a felt tip version in the Lineur Intense line that is fantastic though!

3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation


I bought this because I remember loving it in middle school, but I hate it now. It is way too dry, it crumbles when you try to apply it, and it flakes off during the day leaving skin looking patchy. Also, I had a hard time finding a color match because all of the options at my Target were way too yellow-toned.

4. Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation


This foundation is almost completely sheer. I guess it does have a clean finish because it looks like you haven't even put any makeup on! And when you open the bottle, there is a spatula-like tool to scoop the product out, which is not necessarily bad, but is strange and I'd rather have a pump. Rimmel does make my favorite setting powder (their Stay Matte powder), but this foundation is not worth buying.

5. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick


I love everything else in the Colorstay line, but liquid lipsticks are just not the best option. It goes on with a doe foot applicator like a lip gloss, and then dries. The color is supposed to stay on once it dries, and you can put a balm or a clear gloss on top for shine. When they dry, though, they crack and the color peels off leaving your lips looking like they are horribly chapped. It looks nice for about the first hour. The color selection is great, but the formula just doesn't work like it's supposed to, and I'd say a lipstick or Revlon's lip butters are a much better choice.