Fitness Series: Cleanse With FitMiss

Last week I told you all about FitMiss’ Delight and this week I want to introduce to another one of their products: FitMiss Cleanse.

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This product appealed to me on a very personal level and I’ll explain why. I’ve been working out for a while now. I lost a couple pounds, but my stomach was just not flattening not matter how much cardio and ab workouts I did. On the bottle of the Cleanse I read that the average person carries 5 to 20 pounds of waste in their stomach. That excess weight usually has to do with the little bulge on your stomach and keeping it from getting flat. I cut out all juices, sodas and alcohol and began taking two of the Cleanse pills every night before bed.

A week after starting this new routine I finally starting seeing results. My stomach was flatter and I felt like all of the work I’ve been doing at the gym is paying off because of FitMiss Cleanse. I recommend this if you’re trying to detox. It doesn’t make you cramp or have to use the bathroom in an unbearable way. You don’t need to take any days off from work for this detox and it is still effective.

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Definitely check out this Cleanse if you need to loose a little excess waste from your body. The difference after taking this will amaze you. Follow @IamFitMiss for inspiration and @melissaflores for updates.