Finley to the Rescue

When our hair starts getting oily our first instinct is to wash it. Although clean hair might equal to healthy hair -- washing it on a daily basis will actually harm it. Shampoos contain sulfates that strip the hair of natural oils it needs to stay strong and shiny.

Finely Hair Powder could be just what you need. Finley is a powder used to absorb excess oils from your hair. By using this you’ll get a couple extra days of not having to wash your hair. Finley has a fresh scent and blends easily into your hair. It comes in three different shades: black, blonde, brunette and white. Shake the powder a couple inches away from your hair and blend it using a comb.

Don’t worry about the hair powder getting on your clothes because it doesn’t stain. This is a great alternative to over-washing your hair. Go to and say goodbye to oily hair.