Fight Frizz With Sedu

It has been rainy day, after rainy day and according to the forecast there is still more rain to come. Usually when the weather’s like this, my hair is even worse but I’ve got a little secret weapon that of course I’m about to share with you: SEDU.

Sedu is an anti-frizz polishing treatment containing pure moroccan argan oil. This is really multi-purpose product. Sedu not only elliminates frizz but it protects your hair from the heat while making it smooth and shiny.

A dime-sized amount is all you need to spread throughout your hair(or more depending on length and volume of hair). I like applying it while my hair is damp, but you can also add some to your hair once it’s dry. Either way the oils are instantly absorbed into your hair. It’s for all hair types and smells so good.

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