Feature Friday with Jewelry designer Maya Brenner

If you've ever wanted to be a jewelry designer or are already working on a collection of your own then you're going to love the following interview. Maya Brenner's collection have been seen everywhere from hit TV shows to A list celebrities. Get the scoop straight from the veteran on what it takes to make it as a jewelry designer.  When you started creating jewelry did you ever think it would grow into a business like it has today?

Not at all…I thought it would be a fun thing to do while I took a break from social work, but it became a passion and then a business for almost 14 years!

Not only have celebrities been seen rocking the Maya Brenner collection, but your jewelry has also been featured on hit TV shows like Sex & The City, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy among many others. How has that experience been like?

It’s always exciting to see my jewelry on TV, especially when I’m a fan of the show. Lately, I’ve been seeing my pieces on Parenthood -- which is a show I love.

What celebrity were you most excited about wearing your jewelry?

Demi Moore. She is just a super star and a fashionista. She wore my necklaces in her first public appearance after her marriage to Ashton. Those pictures were everywhere!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I mostly design what I want to wear at the moment. The states came about after my move from NY to CA. The letter collection came about from wanting to represent initials but in a unique way so I made them asymmetrical.

Does anyone help you with the designs or is it all done by you?

Sometimes I will show someone I work with a piece and ask for their opinion but it’s mostly just me. However, when I design pieces for Stella & Dot, that is much more collaborative.

Are you working on new designs that you can share with the SGN readers?

I am always working on new stuff! We just released a bunch of new items before the Holidays and are now working on adding more World pendants since we have so many requests for specific regions.

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, what is a favorite piece of yours that you think would make a perfect gift?

The Letter collection makes the perfect gift for any one, any age.

What I love about your designs is how simple yet unique the jewelry is. Are you ever asked to create custom pieces for anyone?

I like to say my designs are “delicate, but make a statement,” so thank you for saying that! I do get asked to make custom pieces but I really don’t have the time any more. So I just direct them to all the jewelry to choose from!

I did have the honor to custom design an Asymmetrical Mini ‘5’ Necklace for the Lifetime Network’s “Five” film series this past fall, in which the crew and cast were all given necklaces. Profits are donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.

I know you have a son and a daughter. Is this something you would like to grow into a family business? Does your daughter influence your creations?

I would love for my children to choose their own careers -- they are only 4 and 8, so they have some time. My daughter loves everything sparkly and notices all my new jewelry designs. I named a diamond and rose gold bracelet after her, called the Sadie.

What advice can you share with other individuals creating their own product today in hopes of making a career out of it?

Don’t follow trends. Follow your own style. And stick to it. I’ve been working at this for 14 years but people still think I’m an overnight sensation.

Take a look at her beautiful designs for yourself here. Don't forget to check out Jewllery Maker too!