Feature Friday with Emmy-Award-Winning Makeup Artist Kevin James Bennett

This week at SuperGlamNews meet the Tim Gunn of the beauty world Kevin James Bennett! As a two-time Emmy Winner, Kevin has appeared on tons of news shows including Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. As this week's Feature Friday celebrity, Kevin talks to SGN about his must have beauty products and beauty trends to look out for next year!

What are some makeup products can you not live without?

My kit does not leave the house without moisturizer (Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre), full coverage foundation (CoverFX Total Coverage) , a cream color palette (Make Up For Ever Flash Color), clear gloss (Face Atelier Lip Glaze) and black mascara (L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black). In a pinch, I can conquer the beauty world with that handful of products.

How do you transition from doing more serious looks on “Law and Order” to the more glitz and glam looks of soap operas like “As the World Turns”?

Interesting question, because I worked hard to keep the makeup on “As The World Turns” from looking soapy. I tried to make sure that makeup matched the character’s lifestyle and profession ...and NO ONE woke up from a coma in a full face of glamour makeup while I keyed that show! (hehehe). “Law & Order” worked pretty much the same way. The type of makeup application matched how a character fit into the storyline. It was important to keep them looking like “regular” people you would meet on the street. Keep in mind, some people you meet on the street wear a lot of makeup, so sometimes a character did also."

You’ve won Emmy's for your talented work! Is that experience a bit surreal?

Actually a two-time winner (5 time nominee). And yes, it’s totally surreal. Every time I look across the room and see the “girls” sitting on the console table in the dining room I scratch my head and wonder how I got so lucky. I won’t say it was easy (because it wasn’t), but I had an amazing team of artists who worked their butts off right beside me and truly deserve sharing the spotlight. To be blessed with this level of acknowledgement from your peers is pretty overwhelming.

As the Tim Gunn of the Beauty World, what celebrity looks were among your favorites this year?

That’s hard to answer. Celebrities were changing up their looks at every event so there’s no single person I can zero in on. But there were a few looks that definitely caught my eye. Red lips were everywhere on the red carpet. They were usually paired with a retro 40’s inspired eye makeup featuring a hard lined upper lid, winged slightly at the outer corner and amplified with false eyelashes. Very old school hollywood glam (which I LOVE). And if the “smoky eye” showed up, it was toned down and freshened with an additional pop of color (greens, blues, purples ...even orange) and paired with a softly bronzed skin (in place of blush) and a flesh-toned nude lip.

Who inspired your love for working in makeup?

Way Bandy. He was the man who turned makeup artistry into a legitimate, respected profession. He also created the modern, feature enhancing makeup techniques we still use today. He was an absolute visionary. Kevyn Aucoin featured many techniques in his iconic books that he learned while assisting Mr. Bandy.

What is the best beauty tip you’ve learned over the years?

Blend, blend, blend - and when you think you’re finished blending, blend some more. There is nothing more unattractive than streaky, splotchy, hastily applied makeup. If you don’t have the time to apply it correctly - don’t wear it!

What’s one overrated beauty product that most women think they need but they should really do without?

Two words - Mineral Makeup. I’m not a mineral makeup hater, but the marketing hype they use to sell is so misleading. Every color cosmetic product (including foundations and concealers) are made of the same “mineral” pigments. I was so peeved by the mis-information, I wrote a detailed article about it.

In your opinion beauty is?

Self Confidence = Beauty. Troweling on the makeup or diving into a tub of gloss won’t create self-esteem. That has to come from within. Once you learn to love and respect yourself, makeup becomes a wonderful accessory to further enhance your fabulosity!

As the year is coming to an end, what kind of looks should we be looking out for next year?

Be on the lookout for metallic finishes, but not just your typical golds and silvers. We’ll be seeing a full spectrum of reflective color in everything from rich jewel tones to saturated brights. It’s a welcome change from all the glittery makeup we’ve seen over the past few years.

Anything else you want to add?

Step out of the box and try something new. Add an unexpected color into your neutral makeup palette. Put down the nude lip gloss and challenge yourself to rock a red lip. Wear a pair of flirty false eyelashes to the supermarket - TAKE A CHANCE! There’s a Willy Wonka world of wonderful makeup out there and you should play (yes, I said play) with it as much as possible. The best part is, if you don’t like what you’ve done ...wash it off and try something else!

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