Feature Friday with Beauty Journalist Grace Gold

From covering over 200 fashion shows, interviewing celebrities, authoring her own book, and serving as a correspondent on "The Today Show", beauty expert and journalist Grace Gold has seen to have done it all in a short period of time. As this week's Feature Friday pick at SuperGlamNews, find out what Miss Grace Gold has to say about her time as a semi-finalist in the Miss NJ USA pageant, the ladies on "The Today Show", and of course interviewing celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

SuperGlamNews: How did your journey in beauty journalism start?

Once I decided that I wanted to get into beauty journalism (see inspiration below!), I teamed up with my school’s internship coordinator for her savvy and guidance as I worked on landing an internship with a magazine that had beauty coverage. Finally, Harper’s Bazaar was the one to call me back! I of course nearly had a heart attack. Every day I went into that office, I scoured for any opportunity to show the editors that I was passionate about beauty, that I was willing to go above and beyond, that I listened carefully and learned, and that I had something of value to contribute, with every intention of making their jobs easier.

SGN: I read that you’ve also worked as a makeup artist as well during your college days at NYU, how has that experience helped shape your career?

It changed my life! I needed to make some extra money while I was a student, and because my course load was so heavy, I thought I should do something really fun as a side job. I had always loved beauty, and have been a lifelong product junkie. So I figured – why not work at a department store and play with make up all day?

I realized while working behind the Lancome counter that talking beauty instantly bonded me with other women, that I could never get sick of seeing new products or teaching women how to use them to feel more confident and beautiful, and that it never felt like a job. I actually couldn’t believe I was paid to do it. And it made me realize that I needed to make beauty my career, somehow – someway. Because if it doesn’t feel like work, you’ve found your passion.

SGN: Is it a little intimidating to interview celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Claire Danes?

The funny thing is, they’re usually more nervous than you are. They’re the ones in the hot seat. I’m about to write a story, and they’re worried about what I think of them, what silent judgments I may be making. When you realize that, it makes them seem so much more human. And human is never intimidating.

SGN:Best beauty secret you’ve learned over the years?

When you look in the mirror, take a moment to love and appreciate your favorite features. There is no glow like that of confidence.

SGN:Tell us more about the book you wrote, exposing the risks of plastic surgery The Boob Job Bible: 10 Steps To a Sexy, Safe Breast Augmentation.

A few years ago, I researched breast augmentation because it was always something I had been curious about getting myself. I was horrified by what I found online. It seems there are two camps: either plastic surgeons trying to sell you the procedure, or people who think it’s their mission to tell you what a terrible person you are for wanting one, and how you will ruin your life and all of womankind if you get one. There’s also just flat-out misinformation and lies about breast augmentation everywhere. So after I researched extensively and went through the journey myself, I decided to create a resource where women could come, and feel safe and not judged. It took me far outside of my comfort zone to be open with my story and photos, but no one had done it, and I felt giving readers the knowledge of how to have a safe procedure and get the results you want was something I just had to do. There’s no reason anyone should end up with a botched boob job. I know how to prevent one, and I needed to share. Really, that’s what journalism is about. You investigate, and you share.

SGN: From covering over 200 fashion shows, to interviewing celebs and your own book, what’s the best advice you can give to aspiring beauty writers and journalists.

Don’t give up. The ones who make it are not more talented, lucky or privileged. They’re just really damn persistent. It still surprises me how quickly people give up. I had six magazine job interviews and edit tests before I was finally hired for my first Journalism job. It honestly didn’t occur to me to stop until someone finally said yes. And it was People magazine – the coolest of any of the interviews I had gone for – that finally said that glorious ‘yes!’ Imagine if I had stopped at the second or third interview?

SGN: You were also featured on PBS’s nationally syndicated Healthy Body, Healthy Mind migraine special where you showed tips how deal with the painful bursts. In your opinion what’s the best way to deal with migraines?

If migraine is an issue for you, seek out and find a true migraine expert to help you. Not a general doctor, not just a neurologist. But someone who specializes in migraine – it’s literally a degree. Your quality of life depends on it.

This is an amazing link that lists migraine specialists by state: http://www.headache-adviser.com/support-files/headache-docs-2010.pdf And keep a migraine diary. Google the term to see what things you should make note of when you get a migraine. You’ll be amazed by things like how many potential food triggers exist, how sleep, weather and menstrual cycles may affect you.

SGN: You have such gorgeous skin! What’s currently in your makeup bag right now?

You are too sweet! And you’re my new best friend. I’m madly in love Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation. I had heard from celebrity makeup artists for years that it was a winner, but the price tag made me hesitant. I finally took the leap a couple months ago, and now I understand why this is the red carpet foundation. I’m also loving how natural Neutrogena’s blush and bronzer duos look, how inky black and buildable Lancome Definicils Precious Cells Mascara coats up, and how the peachy beige Three Custom Color Clarifier Pencil makes it look like I got eight hours of sleep when I rim my lower lid with it.

SGN: Did your experiences as a model and a semi-finalist in the Miss NJ USA pageant shape your career in any way?

Yes – I was terrified of speaking in front of people, and pageants certainly force you to do that. They helped with my presentation and ability to speak immensely. Plus, learning how to make a graceful entrance and exit never hurts. And you meet such unique and driven people. Contrary to the cat fight stereotype, there is something incredibly bonding about the pageant experience (it’s no piece of cake), and a handful of the girls I met have gone on to become lifelong friends. I’ve even worked with some of them professionally on projects.

SGN:What was it like sharing your beauty secrets with the ladies on “The Today Show”?

It’s nerve-wracking leading up to it, when you’re realizing that you have one live four minute shot to get your segment done, and done right! Plus, you never know what Kathie Lee or Hoda are going to blurt. But they were fabulous. And you don’t appreciate the talent it takes to weave through segments on live television – from dancing kids to cooking a sushi dinner to how to clear up your acne - until you see them do it in person.

SGN:What is your definition of beauty?

I think the greatest beauty is in how you make other people feel. If you leave someone feeling more inspired, more confident, somehow better off or even more beautiful themselves, that’s the true gift of beauty.

SGN:Anything else you want to add?

Readers and aspiring journalists can connect with me on www.GraceGold.com.