Feature Friday -- VH1's Big Ang

UnknownLike many of you out there, I fell in LOVE with Big Ang the moment she appeared on Mob Wives. She exudes positive energy and is always down for a good time. She's that party friend you can always count on, but don't push her because she will put you in your place. I got the chance to ask Ang questions about the Miami Monkey, filming for two shows and her very own wine collection! Read on to read what Ang had to say: What made you want to open up a second bar in Miami?

Miami is where I go for fun a lot. I have family and friends there. I figured since I am out there so much, how great would it be to have my own bar and near the beach.

How is filming the Miami Monkey different from filming for Mob Wives? Which of the two shows do you have more fun filming?

Miami Monkey is a new set of people and younger so they have different dramas and spend their time a bit differently than my girls from Mob Wives. You can't make me choose, I love filming both shows.

On the shows you let viewers know that you love having a good time and a good drink. What is your favorite drink to have on a night out?

You know I love my tequila, my Espresso Martinis and of course now my Big Ang Wines that just came out!

What do you love about Big Ang Wines and what inspired you to come out with your own wine?

In owning both bars and hopes to open up more along the way, I am always serving everyone else's brand. I really wanted to come out with a brand of my own that was versatile. That's why we started with Cabernet, Chardonnay and Prosecco. Basic, most popular and delicious.

You are a ball of energy, where does all that energy and positive outlook come from?

Life is too short. I like to enjoy every day because really there is no reason not too. My family, my businesses and both shows keep me full of energy.

You are also a very successful business woman, what is the biggest lesson you've learned throughout your journey when it comes to business?

Don't trust anyone!

The employees working for you all have big personalities. What qualities do you look for when hiring someone?

I look for their personalities and how they look and their following.

How has life changed for you since being on two shows for VH1?

Everything is just so much busier, but I love it.  More appearances, more filming and I get to meet more people.

Will there be a season 2 of the Miami Monkey?

We hope so! Everyone seems to love it!

Getting dolled up is something you're always on top of. What beauty/hair tip can you share with us?

Get your hair blown out professionally twice a week and your good.

What is your definition of beauty?

Taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself.

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