Feature Friday - Somaya Reece of Love & Hip Hop

If you’re a fan of VH1’s hit show Love & Hip Hop then you’re going to love today’s Feature Friday guest. I spoke with Somaya Reece about her latest projects, beef on the show and beauty advice! Now here’s your chance to get to know her even more xo. SuperGlamNews: Your mixtape, Rebel With A Cause, is out. A lot of the songs I was listening to are the kind that make you want to go party. Where did you get inspiration for this mixtape?

Somaya: The whole reason why I came out here to New York was because all of the Latin producers are out here and also in Miami. Being a Latin woman, I wanted to embrace my culture and my music. I grew up listening to Celia Cruz, Tego Calderon. Fast forward now -- I love Missy Elliot and I love Hip Hop but I also love Latin music. Pretty much I’ve been wanting to do it, but I didn’t have the producers back in the West Coast. This is a development of the sound I’m going for.

Are there any artists in particular that you’ve really enjoyed working with?

My dream come true was being in the studio with Pit Bull. You guys didn’t get to see him on season one of Love & Hip Hop but I flew to Miami to go meet with him and discuss my music. That was definitely the craziest moment of my life. I didn’t get to work with Nas or Eminem but meeting them was incredible. Now I’m really happy with everyone I’m working with, because it’s a lo of people I’ve always wanted to work with. I can’t reveal who they are yet until everything’s ready to go, but I am definitely leaving the dream that I wanted to.

You’ve also been working on some products like your tequila, La Jefa, and a shoe line. Can you tell me more about that?

La Jefa tequila will be coming out very soon. Late winter actually which means in a few weeks. I’m very excited about that because I am the first Salvadorian woman in the world to own their own Tequila. It’s a very male dominated business and this is a part of my Boss Movement to empower other women. We go into full distribution January 2010 -- bars, restaurants, everywhere. The mixtape series is also going to be integrated with La Jefa tequila. Rebel With A Cause is a three part series -- I just released part one. ‘Eh Mama’ the song which I just released a video for is a really big part of my project. I’m not only focused on the english project but on the spanish projects as well and we are going on a full world tour in 2012 with a major record label pushed behind us.

And the shoe line?

The heels that you saw on the show is with a really amazing designer that I’m working with -- his name is Tyler Bailey. We’re going to be doing a boutique line and the heels are VERY comfortable and very nice. The pair that you saw on the show, that’s nothing compared to what we have coming out. That’s a pretty cool venture that I’m going into.

Speaking of the show -- last season on Love & Hip Hop you and Chrissy [Lampkin] didn’t start off on the right foot, but it seems like the beef was squashed.

I never really had beef with anybody. I was completely attacked on season one. I could have held a grudge, but I just know that it’s not healthy and I want to be a role model. By sharing my mistakes and my story, it’s part of that. Being more mature and being the bigger person is the best way to go. I think once Chrissy saw that I did’t want to get with her man or pull a fast move on anyone she understood. And I’m glad, thats very mature of her to squash the beef -- that says a lot about a person and it was really sweet.

Olivia on the other hand just won’t let things go even though you’ve tried talking it out. What’s going on with that?

To be honest, it’s sad. I just cannot hold onto grudges especially for something that I know is so petty and small. I said on season one, the reason that all that started was because on the show the racist remarks towards the latin community and me will not be tolerated. Like when I gave her the shoes she asked, ‘Is that a sombrero in there?’ And it’s like why do you need to say those racist remarks. Her being part Latina is an embarrassment to our culture. I embrace my culture. It’s not healthy to go around bitter and angry at the world. Get your hustle up, get your chips up and you’ll be straight. Don’t worry about me. I have nothing bad to say about her, I wish her the best.

Who would you say you’ve become the closest to from the cast?

I’ve gotten the chance to get to know Kimbella. She’s a very like-able person despite of everything that’s happened. I talk with Nancy Jones (Momma Jones) which is a huge supporter of mine and I support her as well, she’s a very sweet woman. Yandy and Emily too. Chrissy I don’t speak to as a much, but when we are together she’s great.

And now for some beauty talk...

You’re going through a bit of a transformation from season one. How would you describe your look now?

As funny as it sounds when I was speaking with Emily I love everything to do with the Latin culture. I love the typical Latin hair do’s, it’s how I grew up. My style really embraces the colors and textures of my culture. I’m still going through s transformation which you will see towards the end of the show. Overall I love fashion and things that are extremely edgy. I love pushing the envelope, but I don’t like pushing it to the point that it’s a gimmick -- that’s not my thing.

Is there one product you couldn’t live without?

Neutrogena’s SPF Moisturizer is amazing. It doesn’t clog your pores, it’s not oily. I’ve been using it forever and keeps my skin really nice. And I definitely cannot live without Aveeno Oatmeal soap. Your skin is radiant, it keeps it beautiful even on days when you haven’t had enough rest. Because I manage myself and do everything myself, I don’t get much sleep. Aveeno Oatmeal soap is a savior -- I recommend it to everyone. It gives you a nice glow.

Any makeup tips that you can share with me?

Always moisturize. Moisturizing really helps with your overall skin tone. Never go to bed with makeup. There have been times that I have fallen asleep with makeup, because I have to do interviews early in the morning and there’s no time for hair and makeup, but I don’t recommend it. Also, always carry lip gloss with you. If you don’t feel like putting on a ton of makeup you can put some lip gloss on, put some sun block, and put your hair in a bun and you’re good for the day.

What is your definition of beauty?

Inner beauty. I believe that beauty as a whole isn’t just on the surface. It really radiates from within you, because there a lot of beautiful people out there but their attitudes make them very ugly. When you’re beautiful on the inside it just radiates not matter what.

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