Feature Friday- Shannon Bex

Former 'Danity Kane' member Shannon Bex is making moves! She's pursuing a career in country music and not holding back one bit. You guys got to know Shannon on Making the Band -- now get to know Bex!

Danity Kane has to be such a major part of your life. What was your instant reaction to the breakup?

Shock…I wasn’t sure if it was just for tv. It was the finale, so it took a few months to really know the truth behind it all.

Any regrets?

No, I always give my all in everything I do. When I commit to something I’m focused. I gave my all with DK. Yes is came to an end prematurely. We had so much untapped potential. But there was nothing I could do that would change the out come…at that point, I had to look at my own life situation and make the best decision I could without having any clear answers.

Do you keep in touch with the other girls?

Yes. Not very often though. I’m not a typical girl when it comes to that stuff, I’ve always been like that. My dear friend, who was my maid of honor at our wedding, won’t get a call from me for months sometimes. She understands how I am…I know she cares about me and vice versa.

Who were you closest to?

I think it was pretty obvious that Aundrea and I were close. I definitely would never have taken sides because of it. I always delegated wisdom for the best of the group.

What was the best part of being a part of a group?

Having others to cry with, stress with, and rejoice with. The road/journey we shared will never be understood by anyone but the 5 of us.

Least favorite?

Being labeled a typical flash in the pan pop girl group. It took some time to be recognized by industry peers. There was deep artistry and talent in DK just waiting to bust out…it just didn’t get a chance to grow to it’s full potential.

What’s the one memory that you’ll never forget while being a member of Danity Kane?

I can’t pick one…there are so many moments I look back on fondly. From laughing so hard in the studio we were crying. To trying to get ready for a performance running from the airport with all 5 women crammed in an SUV changing, doing their hair, and make up. I think a very good memory I will always remember, is when we were on tour with Christina Aguilera in NY at Madison Square Garden. We were presented with our platinum plaques. We had no idea we sold a million records. It was a very special moment. I remember it was my birthday and my mom was able to be at that concert.

You’ve hinted before that you wanted to pursue a career in country music. Is that something you’re working on now?

Oh yes…I’ve always been honest with my love of country music from day one. We even talked as a group about future projects that would have placed each girl in there element and style of music, giving them a moment to do what they do. Now that DK is no longer, I won’t just sit and hope and wish it was different wasting my life. I love to sing and perform so that's what I’m doing. I’ve spent the last 2 years, since being with the girls, in Nashville and back in Oregon writing, working, and honing in on my sound. I don’t want to come out looking as though I’m imitating the career of another. I definitely have a unique story and perspective.  I have a full band, and that’s another exciting story. I’ve known these boys since high school. We have history together. They are so talented! I’m so happy to be working together.

When and where can we get a sneak peak of your future work?

Very soon! It’s not going to be what you expect at all! At least I doubt it J We will be performing at the Dance Track Artist Awards in LA at the end of March.

Aubrey O’Day’s reality show premiered on Oxygen. What are your thoughts on that?

Aubrey is a business woman…she always knows what step to take and how to get to where she wants to go. All of the girls are like that! I am happy for her, and It’s going to be exciting to see what everyone does….

Is a reality show something you might be interested in doing again?

I wouldn’t be against it…but it would have to by my style of show and on my terms…I mainly would want to do it so the fans could reconnect to me, and see more than they even know about me. Like how I’m a real country girl. I love my truck, live on average, I grew up with horses, and I’m not afraid to get a little dirty. Everyone saw one side of me through Making the Band. Quiet, driven, and nice. But there is definitely more to me…they saw Shannon, it’s time to see Bex ;)

What kind of advice can you share with anyone trying to break into this business?

Persistence is key along with knowing the business. It’s 90% business 10% talent. Don’t give in or take the easy way, always stay true to you. To what you want to say and what you want to do.

You were the only member of the group that was married. How were you able to maintain a strong relationship in such a crazy industry?

God is our strength! It was not easy…though my husband never made it difficult. He never ever gave me guilt trips or acted jealous. I had to trust him too. He was dancing and auditioning in LA. So he had plenty of talented beauties around him…we both know what we have!

You’re so sweet and give off such a nurturing energy; any thoughts on having babies?

AWE Thank you! Of course we want kids. We always see half white, half filipino babies, and are like…oh that’s what our daughter or son is going to look like…lol! It’s kinda funny….although I’m just now kicking this solo thing into gear so the babies gotta wait.

What would you say is your secret weapon in keeping your skin and hair healthy?

It is not easy! I am not shy to say I have problem skin. Thick make up makes it worse :/ SO touring is a little difficult! But I try to keep my skin clean…drink water and get sleep!

What beauty product can’t you live without?

I love the Foam Purity Face wash by Philosophy. It doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin,it removes all of my make up

What’s your definition of beauty?

Shining from the inside! You can’t help but notice someone beaming elegance and beauty from within their heart….

Follow Shannon on her journey @BexShannon.