Feature Friday- Rochelle Gores Fredston

This Feature Friday is all about Rochelle Gores Fredston. She is the owner of ARCADE a celebrity favorite, shopping destination in LA. Get to know the beautiful, style expert Rochelle.

ARCADE is such an interesting name for a store. How did you come up with that name?

Arcade's are actually 19th century shopping malls. They were built all over Europe and when the idea of ready-to-wear came (clothing off the rack) before that you had to go to a tailor and get your clothes made. And you know a woman maybe owned one or two dresses throughout her life. They needed somewhere to put all this merchandise, all of this clothing so they built these arcades. I wanted to bring a piece of fashion history and something from Europe and that just felt like it had a real meaning behind it.

What style of clothing do you carry at ARCADE?

It's all women's clothing. When I buy I go for a nice sophisticated, sexy - A nice look that I think a range of people would like and I really focus in on the look and the quality and something that I think is on trend but not too trendy. Something that I think will be cute for a while.

Your store is a favorite for many celebrities. Who usually shops there?

We have so many. We have the Hilton sisters, Hilary Duff, Rashida Jones, Olivia Wilde.

You also collaborated with famous Jewelry designer Neil Lane and created an exclusive collection for ARCADE. How was that like?

It's been great. I've had a lot of fun doing the private label. It's been really fun because my clients have really taking a liking to it, especially the leggings I did. I call it the layer leggings and Brittny Gastineau and a few other celebrities have just been tweeting about it. They've been really excited and have been saying that it's a must-have item.

Jessica Simpson is guest starring on ‘Entourage’ and filmed a scene at your store and Tori Spelling has filmed there as well for her reality show. How is that, are you around when they’re shooting?

Yeah usually I'll here and I'll be in the back. Sometimes we'll go out. I usually let the girls go out, they want to be on the show. I'm not on the show. but we usually do all the coordinating. It's always fun having them here.

Do you ever think about opening another ARCADE in different cities like New York maybe?

Yeah it's definitely something that we've thought of for the future. We just launched the web a few months ago. That's my concentration to build the web and to continue growing the store and continue growing the private label. I sit on the board with J. Mendel and look at a few other companies to participate. I see ARCADE growing in many different avenues. We'll see what the future holds.

You’re around the latest fashions and top designers. What trends are you crazy about right now?

Well right now I'm getting ready to go see Fall, I'm very excited about Fall. For the Spring I always love the navy look - the blue and white stripe. I love navy instead of black for the summer. I think color is really important and bringing that out. I like the idea of separates and I like easy dresses. I'm loving the long skirts that I'm seeing right now and then a lot of the costume jewelry.  I think it really just makes an outfit.

What kind of style advice can you share?

Wear what you feel comfortable in and beautiful in because if you feel good in it; you're going to look good in it and that's going to resonate.

You’re extremely busy and have so much going on but when it comes to beauty what’s the product that you can’t leave home without or that you’re just obsessed with?

Aquaphor. It's so basic, but I get really dry lips and I'll also use it around my cuticles. I'll use it sometimes as an eye cream too. I have the little ones in my bag and the big ones at home. It's my favorite.

What’s you’re definition of beauty?

Beauty comes from within. I think that if you’re confident that’s going to come out. If you feel good about yourself your uniqueness is going to come out.

Follow her on twitter @RochelleARCADE and visit www.arcadeboutique.com. Here are the designers ARCADE carries:

  • 291
  • Preen
  • Acb
  • Adrienne Landau
  • Andrea Lieberman
  • Angel Jackson
  • Anita Ko
  • Arcade Label
  • Azature
  • Barbara Bui
  • Barton Perreira sunglasses
  • Beautiful People Black Orchid Bloch
  • Bruce
  • Calvin Klein (intimates)
  • Cammilla James
  • Chicks with Guns
  • Cinch
  • Cut 25
  • Deepa Gurnani
  • Democracy of Nevermind
  • DL & Co.
  • Doo.Ri
  • Doo.Ri Underligne
  • Elaine Kim
  • Enza Costa
  • Erin Brynie
  • Gar-de
  • Genetic
  • Georgie
  • Gryphon
  • Improvd
  • Inhabit
  • IRO
  • Irwin and Jordan
  • Jacquie Aiche
  • Jamie Joseph
  • Jennifer Meyer
  • Klain
  • Kaufman Franco
  • Kelly Bergin
  • Kimberly Ovitz
  • Lee Angel
  • Lenny
  • Linea Pelle
  • Lisa Freede
  • Lisa Marie Fernandez
  • LnA
  • Mara Hoffman
  • Mason
  • MCS Design
  • Mon Mode
  • Neil Lane for ARCADE
  • Nina Peter
  • Ohne Titel
  • Orly Genger
  • Parker Ochs
  • Pleasure Doing Business
  • Porcelain
  • Pure Style
  • Riller & Fount
  • Romy Gold
  • Rozae
  • Sang A
  • Sass and Bide
  • Seventh Wonderland
  • Sissi
  • Streets Ahead
  • Surface to Air
  • Sylva & Cie
  • T cyia
  • Tania Spinelli
  • Tori Praver
  • Underligne
  • Veda
  • Waverly Grey
  • Wolford
  • Yigal Azrouel
  • Zimmerman