Feature Friday Q&A with Model Heidi Van Horne!

This week SuperGlamNews asks Pinup Model, actress, and writing superstar Heidi Van Horne everything from sucking your thumb, to finding your own inner pinup diva!

Actress/Slash model Heidi Van Horne has been modeling, and been in movies like ER, O.C., and Gilmore Girls. Ms. Van Horne has been featured in Vogue's Italian Magazine and has been called the "Modern Pin Up Queen" by VH1.com and a "Top Modern Pin Up" by AskMen.com. When she's not modeling or acting, Heidi can be found writing her own column in Bachelor Pad Magazine!

SGN: What made you want to start modeling?

Heidi: Truthfully, I enjoyed it as a kid, but it lead me to acting almost immediately. Many years later, at a point when I felt out of control of my acting career and image I started pinup modeling for a creative release and it just took off. It really is the fun, pretty division of my acting to me.

SGN: What is a pinup girl?

Heidi: A pinup is a beautiful, feminine woman who generally looks like she is enjoying life. To me, and most others, it is associated with style of the original pinups and old Hollywood from the 30's-50's.

SGN: Wackiest beauty secret?

Heidi: The "suck your thumb" trick for lipstick! Put your thumb in your mouth after applying lipstick to keep from getting lipstick onto your teeth!

SGN: How can us ladies embrace our inner pinup girl!

Heidi: I think a little red lipstick can go a long way. It's the easiest way to reference the classic pinup look. Retro-inspired fashion is everywhere these days, so a little vintage dress or bathing suit with a throwback cut can also set the tone for a curve-enhancing pinup style.

SGN: You're also an actress that's been on ER and the OC -- what was that like?

Heidi: I love acting, and while independent feature films are my favorite projects to work on, TV is fun because it moves so much faster and the results appear much quicker, as well. It is such a well-oiled machine, you literally come in and do your part and go. Weeks later, you see yourself on a commercial and its all put together and ready to air. Plus, you can't beat the reach that working on TV brings. It literally takes you into the family room of homes all over the world.

SGN: Can you tell us more about the Ask Heidi column in Bachelor Pad magazine?

Heidi: I have been really fortunate to have earned a reputation as a go-to person for advice for pinup models. Early on, I was asked to write for the website Java's Bachelor Pad. It was a hit and I got flooded by girls asking for advice. When Java brought the online community to print form in Bachelor Pad Magazine, I was one of the first people he asked to be a part of it and I've been a Staff Writer ever since the premiere issue.

Over the years,I've helped some of the top pinup models negotiate major contracts and I've encouraged regular women of all sizes, colors and ages to believe in their own beauty for a personal pinup shoot -- the variety in the scene of what I've been lucky enough to be a part of is phenomenal.

SGN: Any advice/secrets on how to take the perfect photo?

Heidi: Some basic pinup tips include: Point your toes, arch your back, stand up straight, and smile. But the biggest secret you can take in with you? Go in knowing exactly who you are and have confidence in the beauty that you have and that radiates from within. That is what sets a really excellent model apart from the rest.

For more on Heidi, visit her website and follow her on Twitter @heidivanhorne -- and check out these photos:

Images courtesy of Heidi Van Horne and are all shot by Holly West www.HollyWestPhoto.com

Makeup and Hair by: Rebecca Schillinger and Hair also by: Danielle June