Feature Friday- 'Married to Rock' Star Josie Stevens

Hey Glam Dolls! It's time to get to know Josie Stevens. She was on E!'s hit show Married to Rock and won everyone's heart with her burst of energy personality and unique style. Josie dishes on everything you've been wondering about her.

How did you get involved in Married to Rock?

I got a call from E! about coming in to audition for a new reality show, and when I got there we really hit it off. They were so nice and seemed so fun to work with and once I learned it was gonna be a show that I got to do with hubby and my friends, it seemed like the perfect thing for me. Of course, I was a little nervous, (anyone would be when you open up your life like that!) but literally within an hour of that meeting, the wheels were already in motion to start the contract. Both E!, myself and Steve just kinda knew it would be a great fit and a fun show! :)

What was shooting like? How did Steve feel about you doing the show?

Shooting was great, it’s funny because you forget the cameras are there so fast! They just kinda become a normal part of your day. Which is great when it comes to just being yourself, but bad when you get caught doing or saying something stupid! haha. Everyone that works on the show from the execs to the crew is so nice and our producers are the sweetest, so it really becomes like a big family. There are certainly no secrets when you are doing something like this, so you gotta be willing to be totally open, but I found it pretty liberating actually! :) Steve was really supportive of the show from the beginning, he is so sweet and amazing and so supportive of everything that I do. I think he felt like it was a great way to show our love to everyone, and that there is such a thing as true love in the rock world. Everyone thinks its all parties and groupies, and of course all those clichés are true, haha, but for us, there is a love that goes beyond all that and we wanted people to see that. :) We also thought it would be fun for us and it was!

Any word on a season 2 in the works of MTR?

No official word at this time, but I am very hopeful :D

One of the moments I loved most was at your wedding when Steve made a speech and said, “I’ll always be the Mr. Crabs to your Sponge Bob.” I thought that was perfect considering you’re a burst of positivity. Where do you think your positive attitude comes from?

Aww, thank you so much! :) Steve's speech was really beautiful, and he is my Mr. Crabs! And like Spongebob I probably annoy him by talking too much! haha... I do try to have a positive outlook on life, because one thing I have learned is that perception is reality in a lot of ways and the way you view things really shapes your life experiences. I also think that every day we have on earth is truly a gift, I know that sounds cheesy, but there are so many amazing, beautiful things in this world, you kinda have to feel eternally grateful for the experience of living, loving, having fun and learning. I have my off days like everyone else, where I am a lil crabby or mopey but then I literally count my blessings and that always slaps some sense into me. haha. I like to volunteer when I can, and I think the experience of helping other people brings me a lot of happiness & a sense of purpose but it also makes you realize just how fortunate you are... I also try to live by the expression "Don’t borrow trouble", meaning don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet or get caught up in the "what ifs", just take each thing as it comes and try to see the good in every situation, or at least learn from it!

You and Steve are a beautiful couple and would make such fun parents. Any thoughts of having kids in the future?

We have certainly thought about it and talked about it quite a bit, we both love kids, and I think we would make a super cute (but tiny, haha) baby. :) It’s kinda tricky with traveling and touring, but we are both open to it... I'll put it this way- we aren’t exactly trying just yet, but we are practicing a lot :)

How do you keep the romance and sexiness alive especially when he’s away on tour?

I think that the key to romance is really making the other person feel appreciated, loved and desired, so we try to do things every day to show our love for each other. Whether it’s a video chat date, a cute email, a surprise gift or flowers, to little things like sharing what happened in our day or something we think would make each other smile. We never spend much time apart, but when we can’t be together, we always send little photos throughout the day, sexy or funny texts, and we call each other a million times a day, haha. When he is home, we try to always keep things fun- go new places, try new things, but also to make sure we never take each other for granted or get in a "rut". And in everything we do, we think of each other, its the little things- like if you go in the kitchen to make a tea or get a cookie, bring one back for your man too :) or if you are out running errands, stop somewhere and bring him back a sweet card or lunch or a little gift, even something silly. I think its important to continue to make an effort for your man, no matter how long you have been together, so I try to make sure I get done up sexy for him and wear things he likes, like I did when we were first dating. Even on lazy days, I try to wear something cute for him, and for myself. I think there are a lot of comfy options that are still sexy or cute for when you are having a chill day at home and I always feel better when I am wearing something I like! :) When we travel, I always make sure I have some new lingerie or goodies tucked away in my suitcase & when I go see him on tour & I always leave something hot behind for him to hold on to :)

One of your assets that cannot be ignored are your “girls”. How big are they and where do you get all those cute little outfits and lingerie?

Haha :) I wear a 32G bra, and I will admit that finding cute things to fit can be difficult. I rely on alterations a lot, and make a lot of my own clothes, but I think for lingerie Agent Provocateur, Fredericks and Journelle, are pretty friendly to the big girls! Most of the lingerie brands with small bands & big cups seem to come out of the UK for some reason, you’d think it would be LA! haha... As for my outfits, it’s a definite mix from high end to lower priced. I like to mix it up, and I don’t think you have to spend a fortune to have cool style. I love to shop when I am traveling, particularly in Tokyo, which I think has one of the best cultures for style in the world. They really celebrate expressing yourself through your clothing and accessories there! I am working on a line of clothing and accessories that I hope will bring some of that energy and creativity style to the US but of course with a sexy rocked out "josie" twist :D

You have a look that’s all your own. What are some style influences that inspire you?

Thank you so much! To me that is the best compliment! I think that I draw inspiration from all sorts of people and things. Of course, I am a great lover of Japanese style... But the things I am most drawn to are the innovative styles, the things that haven’t been done before, or ways to put things together that are unexpected. I’ve been influenced by everyone from rock stars to pinup models to drag queens. Great rock stars are always edgy in their choices, and confident enough to pull off the most outrageous looks so I admire that. My husband, Steve, to me has the perfect rock star style. I loved his hair, clothes and amazing boots long before we met! :) I am also a big fan of Keith Richards sense of style, especially in the 70s. I think a lot of the classic sex symbols, like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Raquel Welch, obviously knew how to really dress to maximize their bodies appeal & femininity and they always projected such glamour and I am always a sucker for sexy glamour! And when it comes to drag, I think its such an exaggeration of what it is to be a woman, and often so campy, that it's a lot of fun and by dressing that way as a woman with giant heels, big hair, jewels everywhere, wild makeup, etc. you take things to an almost androgynous place which I find interesting. The thing about style is that to have amazing style, interesting style, you have to pull from your own experiences and life. You have to be yourself and be confident in your choices. I think that’s the key to really "owning" a look.

I heard you were working on a clothing line and a collection of candles. Can you tell me about that or any projects you’re working on?

I got into designing because I couldn’t find the things I wanted to wear, or things that fit the way I wanted them to, so I made a lot of clothes, jewelry and accessories for myself. Then people seeing things I had made, and asking me if I could make them something similar, so I have been selling accessories and one of a kind clothing items for a while. Right now I am still interested in continuing to design custom pieces but I also wanted to be able to make things available on a bigger, and more affordable scale so I have been working pretty hard on making that happen. It’s a bit gyaru, a bit rocker, and very fun & sexy. I am also working on a few collaborations with other designers to make limited edition designs, which have been really fun and a great creative process! :)

I'm also hoping to be able to do a hair & makeup line, because as a makeup artist I am really passionate about products, and have tried everything!! so I know what formulas work & don’t work for everything from a sexy everyday look to full glam.

As for the candles, that’s something Steve and I are really into. We burn candles 24/7 in every room in our house, and wanted to come up with our own signature line. We really have the same vision of wanting to make something that is beautiful and unique, from the packaging to the scent.

Other than that, I am doing a bit of a singing with a new band I am working on, booking club appearances to be able to meet people who enjoy the show and booking some fun photo shoots!

I also know that you’re a makeup artist. What tips can you share on getting the ultimate vixen look you pull off so well?

I think they key to great makeup starts with a really good base. No matter what look I am doing on a client, or myself, I always start with properly prepped skin. Clean, moisturized and usually primed with an anti-shine primer. That gives your foundation a chance to go on flawless & stay all day. I like a medium to full coverage foundation & concealer for anything involving filming or photographs and a good quality powder to set everything perfectly. Then I usually do a bit of contour, I know it has fallen out of style a bit, but I think subtle contour can really do wonders. Once you get into the fun, colorful part of doing makeup, I think everyone looks pretty with a sexy flush or a pinky or peachy blush, a bit of highlighter on cheekbones & brow bones and full, sexy, glossy lips. A great lip trick is to slightly overdraw your lips with pencil, set that with a lip stain and then put a bit of lighter lipstick in the center of your lips and cover with gloss. Finish with a tiny bit of highlighter right above the bow of your upper lip, or lightly trace the edges of your lip line with concealer and you will have ultra kissable lips. For eyes, I love the smokey look in any color from pink to black, and loads of eyeliner & mascara. And ALWAYS fake lashes for a sexy night out! I also recommend making sure you give your brows a nice arch with either brow powder or pencil, for a dramatic look. Stila has just partnered with E! to make Red Carpet palettes and I live for the "stunning starlet" one. It has almost everything you need for a sexy look!

I’m obsessed with your hair. What products do you use?

Thank you! My hair dresser and I always joke about my hair being a "3 wig pile up" but it’s usually just my real hair (with extensions) plus a lot of magic and trickery! I rarely wear wigs... I use Joico Kpak shampoo & conditioner, which are great for damaged hair and or extensions, and then a bit of Artec Blow Silk before blow-drying. I always use a heat protectant before styling, usually Healthy Sexy Hair flat iron spray to help prevent damage, and I always use ceramic tools (flat iron or curling iron). I am in love with Elnett hairspray, so that’s a must! And I also really love Batiste dry shampoo (tropical or blush, not wild about the "original") for days you don’t wanna wash your hair, and it gives a nice volume to my hair on days when I don’t feel like teasing. And hair perfume, always! I use either Tom Ford "Black Orchid", Pink Sugar or the Japanese brands- "Sexy Girl" or "Venus Spa". Ya gotta have yummy smelling hair! :)

What is your definition of beauty?

Kindness, love, confidence and being true and good to yourself. You can always tell when someone is being their real, best self and makes time to treat themselves and indulge themselves a bit and that’s sexy! Of course there are a million scientific formulas that say how many millimeters the perfect angle of someone’s bone structure should be, but honestly that type of perfection bores me and I have known plenty of girls who were textbook beauties who lost their appeal real fast the second they revealed a less then appealing personality. I think that when you are happy and you have a great spirit, in shines through everything- your skin, your eyes, your smile, your aura, and gives you a glow that no makeup or surgery in the world can create. And I don’t really think that physical beauty is what makes someone sexy or attractive, its personality and charisma. It’s someone who makes you happy when you are around them, not someone who is perfect to look at. In the end, all physical beauty fades, but a beautiful heart keeps you beautiful forever.

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