Feature Friday - Lisa From Evolution Vintage

This week, I had the honor to interview Lisa G. owner of the fabulous Evolution Vintage Shop in California. Lisa is a stylist, a writer, and creative consultant who has worked with celebrities such as Tori Spelling and Kimora Lee Simmons. Check out the fab photos after the interview.











1. What inspired you to create the store with an eco-friendly style?

The inspiration for the store came from the fact that I have a very eclectic style sensibility. I love fashion history and the premise of styling vintage current. I don’t pay much attention to labels, price tags or time periods. I dress in what I love and think is beautiful. It is the re-use and re-purpose of clothing and accessories that inspires me as well. Flexing your creative muscle where your personal style is concerned and tying something new can be an amazing experience. Fashion is just another form of personal expression to me, like talking or action.

I can’t stand to see the way we as consumers waste on such mass levels. The re-use and re styling of clothing helped me develop EVOLUTION VINTAGE as an eco-chic eBoutique.

2. Why eco-friendly?

It is the waste I see in the world that was the initial inspiration and my personal creativity to recycle and re-style fashion from other eras and time periods to make it current and relevant in fashion. My husband and I are vegetarians because of the obvious animal cruelty and health benefits but the biggest factor for me at this point is the environmental impact eating meat/factory farming has on our planet. I think that is a lesser known fact that people should be aware of, that factory farms are the BIGGEST producer of greenhouse gases emissions, more than all the cars, trucks, planes, trains and vehicles in the world combined. It is staggering if you do your research.

I have always recycled and have always considered myself as an active participant in the solutions with respect to Global Warming on a personal scale. This business is just another facet of that. The store is an eBoutique only, I have no store front. I use less energy and resources and take up much less space this way. I can service a global community of stylish women while maintaining consistency with my personal beliefs and values. I do buy some iems that are new (for myself) but I am very selective and concious about my consumption.

3. What inspires you?

WOW! EVERYTHING! People, life, nature, music, fashion, art. I feel like inspiration is all around each of us every day. You just have to have to be able to appreciate the kind of beauty it takes more than eyes to notice.

4. Tell me more about the dress Tori Spelling chose from the store for Elton John's Oscar Party?

The Dress Tori chose for the Elton John Oscar party was a beautiful Vintage gown. It was top to bottom gold and black sequins with a black and gold metallic fabric underneath. The long sleeves give it that extra touch as many designers do not opt for long sleeves anymore. The Vintage designer was Roger Milot for Fred Perlberg who was a New York designer in the 1920’s. When he retired in 1968 Roger Milot became the designer. This gown was from the 1970’s.

Tori and I are kindred style spirits. She has a great eye and a unique style. I don’t think she gets the public credit she deserves as far as her style is concerned. It takes a lot of Style maven moxie to turn up on a red carpet in Vintage but she knocked it out of the park here with the correct styling of the piece (the clutch, cocktail ring and red lip). I had to re-dub her Tori STUNNING (instead of Spelling) for this red carpet Vintage look.

5. What else is on your mind?

The entire goal for a woman’s Evolution Vintage experience is to be empowered through fashion. I work with my clients with respect to styling and hope that I am able to inspire them to push their current fashion/style boundaries. The most stylish accessory is confidence and feeling beautiful and I hope to play a part in that with each woman who shops at EV. I also have a Designer re-sale section of my business (some Vintage). I re-sell Designer clothes and accessories. I want to remove the stigma that “previously loved” or “used” clothing has. Some people don’t want it if it has been worn and opt for new only.

My thought is the garment has a past life and story. It is your opportunity to give it a new one while being a friend to fashion and the environment. Landfills are full enough, aren’t they? I also have a line of Evolution Vintage, Vintage inspired Rock n Roll burnout t-shirts for both men and women.

Visit Evolution Vintage online and follow Lisa on Twitter @EvolutionVtg.

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