Feature Friday - Jason De La Torre

Get to know Jason De La Torre as he shares how passion and ambition got him to where he is today. If you’re trying to get into the hair industry you’ll want to know what this expert has to say about making it in this business.

What moment in your life influenced you into becoming a hairstylist?

I was always a very artistic person growing up.  I knew i didn’t want to go to college because there would be nothing for me there and I would just be wasting money! I was always interested in fashion, music and the arts.  When I was younger my cousin’s wife told me about the industry and the many things one can do within it besides just being behind the chair.  I looked into it and I was hooked because it was the collaboration of many things like fashion and music.  Ever since I picked up a scissor and comb, I was great at it

What were some obstacles that stood in the way of you reaching your goal?

Partying and procrastination were my two obstacles being a young artist.  I didn’t take my career seriously.  I knew there were many opportunities available but never jumped on them.  Now I don’t really have what you would call obstacles, just certain situation that I have to adjust to, but thats just life.  I have networked greatly and have lots of connections in different areas for different things.  Now I reach goals with the help of my network of people and once I reach and accomplish a goal I set a new one and keep it moving. I never want to lose to momentum so i always keep on creating new ideas, projects and endeavors.

Who were some artists you looked up to in the industry? Have you gotten the chance to work with them?

There are many people I look up to in the industry for different things. When I first started off I looked up to my friend Anthony Chacon. I worked under my cousin and then he brought me under his wing. We worked for Toni&Guy together educating and I worked for him when he had his salon. Growing up in the industry as an educator, I have had the pleasure of working with many people whom I look up to or have worked next to them prepping models at shows.  Nick Arrojo, Anthony Cole from Sebastian, I’ve seen Ted Gibson prepping models and talked to him about what he's doing.  I’ve worked with Zac Mascolo and Toni&Guy's top artists at shows. There are many more that I would like to meet and see them in action.

How did you first start working at fashion shows?

I first started working fashion shows by assisting other artist that were on the bill.  Handing them pins, comb, water, whatever they needed. I helped them with literally anything..as the years went by they would let me help with prep then little by little they would give me 1-2 models and it went from there.

What is one memorable moment you can think of from your time at fashion week?    

My most memorable moment was when I helped style out some models for the first time for the Nicole Romano show. I was watching fashion week on TV for hours and hours and just before I was about to change the channel I saw the models we did walking out. It was great to actually see them walking the runway because when you work backstage you don’t get to see the show really. That was exciting!

Flaunt Sessions Hair Artistry is described as education and artist development. What gave you the idea to start this brand? 

Flaunt Session{s} Academy of Hair Artistry is a brand.  A brand that wears many hats within the beauty industry and soon to be in the consumer/entertainment industry.  Our main objectives are awareness, education and artist development.  We bring awareness to professionals and consumers about the latest trends in fashion, beauty, photography, etc.  Education is to inspire hairdressers with knowledge and techniques. Whether its fundamental or advanced an artist development is to help artist grow and get exposure for their talents.  Wanting to take everything I’ve learned and make it my own and share it is what gave me the idea to launch flaunt sessions.

What do you think it takes to be successful in the beauty industry?

It takes a lot to be successful in the industry.  Education, networking, lots of hustle and most importantly knowing business.  Many think it’s so easy and think that they are gonna make big bucks right away. It takes a lot of networking at different events with different people. It takes a life long journey of education, always staying on top of your game.  Also, the ability to go out and hustle wherever you go, hand out business cards at the mall, parties etc. You have to have the passion for hair and the industry or else you wont make it. Being business savvy is very very important. You have to know how to deal with clients, make yourself in demand, up-selling, prescribing products, re-booking, creating your own celebrity in your area is essential to stand out of the crowd.

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