Feature Friday-- Jackie Cruz of Orange Is The New Black

Jackie Cruz, Orange Is The New BlackMe and millions others are obsessed with Orange Is The New Black. Did you think the show was going to take off the way it has when you first signed on? I knew the show would be gold once I heard the creator was Jenji Kohan. She’s a female who understands drama specially productions focusing on the female perspective.

I love how tough your character, Flaca, is. What do you admire most about your character and are you two similar in any way?

Oh wow, Flaca and I are so different in character. She is so bold and straight forward, and someone who never bites her tongue. I’m the opposite. I stay away from confrontation. I can definitely say that Flaca is my alter-ego for sure. She helps me now in days to say what’s on my mind.

Can you share a funny behind the scenes moments? It must be such a fun cast to work with.

So much fun! Orange is my second family. We literally hang out outside of the set and we go on vacation, and host sleep overs. One funny story is when Danielle Brooks caught me going home with salt and vinegar chips. On set they have so much food and I’m always collecting all the salt and vinegar chips. So, Danielle saw me sneaking around and asked,  “What is that over there?” And ended up giving her one. I guess I’m the salt and vinegar chips bandit.

If you had to describe season 2 of OITNB in one word what would it be? 

It’s going to be like Christmas. I’m so excited to see the finished product myself. Filming it is one thing as I am not there every day for all the scenes. So, seeing it all together is going to be amazing.  All I can say is this…  All of our characters including Flaca will say and do things that will surprise everyone.

Being an actor takes a motivated individual. What advice can share with others trying to break into the industry?

Be patient and never give up. It comes with rejection so be prepared to take in feedback and work on always making yourself better.

And you are Dominican-- how often do you get to visit and what do you love most about DR?

I visit DR once a year to visit my aunts who helped raise me. I love the beaches and spending time with family.

And now for beauty talk...

I've seen a ton of photos of you wearing bold shades of lipstick. What's your favorite shade to rock? 

I have so many. I actually have an entire make up bag just for my lipsticks. Ruby Woo from Mac is my color. It's this red that pops.

If we took a look in your makeup bag what would be some of your must-have products we'd find?

You will definitely find blush, eyeliner and of course, lipstick.  I can’t leave the house without some type of lipstick.

Your hair is also gorgeous. What do you use to keep it shiny and healthy? 

Honestly, I do some treatments at home when I can. But, Eiji, the owner of Eiji Salon, is my hair master. He cuts my bangs like a true artist.  Also, they take care of me with their deep conditioner treatments and for color they make sure it doesn’t have chemicals.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is within. It’s about your personality and how you treat others.

The 2nd season of Orange Is The New Black debuts on Netflix June 6th.

Jackie Cruz, Orange Is The New Black