Feature Friday- Interview With Jerseylicious Star Tracy DiMarco

Feature Friday is a new section to SuperGlamNews. Every Friday I'll be interviewing someone new who's making moves and doing big things. This Feature Friday is starting with a bang! Get to know Jersey's own rising star from the Style Network's #1 hit show Jerseylicious Tracy DiMarco.

On Jerseylicious you show so much passion for doing hair. How did you get into this career?

Even when I was little I would braid hair & charge them..as a 7yr old. I always been a hustler & my passion about this industry is through the roof! It’s beyond jerseylicious I plan on doing big things and making huge changes in this business long after jerseylicious ♥ just waittt!!! :)

Can we expect to see a Tracy Salon sometime in the future?

No! I can't even pay my bills on time! Hahahaa I could never run a salon..what you WILL see is my own company for Runway Hair & makeup- I plan on recruiting the BEST and creating a team that will take over the fashion runway world!

If you had to go into business with one member from the Jerseylicious staff who would it be?

Anthony Lombardi- his drive is insane. Family man, businessman, entrepreneur, hard worker..and my big brother!! :)

Let's talk Beauty...

Your hair is never lacking in volume; something many women want to achieve. What are your go to products when it come to hair? Do you do your famous teasing everyday?

Well I'm coming out with my own product line & best believe it will include tips, how-to-sheets, and volume making products!! Its called Happy Hour by Tracy DiMarco! Cocktail scented shampoo conditioner & product line! Be ready!

How do you stay tan?

Spraytan! In this world there are SO many things that can give you cancer, why would you do something that guarantees skin cancer? I plan on living my life I don't wanna look like a Chanel Leather bag..

If you had to choose between a bronzed complexion and big hair, which would it be?

BR0NZED!!!!!!! Hahaha I'm obsessed with being tan! Tanorexic some call me.. :/ when my girls call me to get ready and go out I run home & spray tan because I do not leave my house without a glowing vacation tan!

Do you wear hair extensions?

I have the BEST hair stylist, Taryn & Katrina, a company called "TheHairGODDESSworld.com" is the only people I allow to touch my hair! I have the newest kind of extensions! Microchet! I love them!!!!

Ever think of creating your own line of extensions?

No- I want my product line, shoe line, sunglasses line, clothing line, and runway company! I plan on taking over! ♡

You come off as having major confidence. Where do you think that comes from?

My mommy & daddy! They always said, "do YOUR best!!! Even if its not perfect, you try the hardest you can" that's made me the person I am, very determined to exceed their expectations & make them proud!!! :)

What's the best beauty advice anyone's given you?

Be happy in you're own skin..you wanna put on make up or do your hair..do it because YOU wanna look good for YOU not for anyone else..I'm a size 6 and I'm 5'5..but people call me fat..does it bother me? NO- because I know who I am and I wouldn't wanna be anyone else, I'm happy with what I got ;)

How do you define beauty?

Confidence is sexy. You don't have to look like Sophia Loren or Raquel Welch to be beautiful- beauty comes in all shapes and sizes..

What's your must-have can't live without beauty product or tool?

My bronzer & my teasing comb make me happy! I don't need much I need a 35cent tailcomb & $2.99 bronzer hahahaa

I've seen pictures on twitter of your blinged out shades. Is that something new you're working on?

They are hand made and each order is custom! They go for 65$ and I have a lot of fun making them because its something NEW and creative!! I plan on mass making them! Keep you're fingers crossed!

What beauty advice would you give girls everywhere?

Eat brownies or popcorn or ice cream! You don't have to be a size 0 or 2 to be pretty! I’ll never be a size 2 and I'm very happy with that! People have such terrible things to say about curvy girls! Well I gotta big booty thick thighs & big boobs! I gotta little waist and I'm NOT SORRY!!!!!!!!!

Catch Tracy on Jerseylicious Sundays at 8 on the Style Network.