Feature Friday -- Eva Marie of E!'s Total Divas

Eva Marie, Total Divas, E!'s Total Diva, WWE DivaWhen did wrestling first spark your interest?

I am the youngest of three older brothers. So I grew up not only watching WWE, but also jumping off the top of my bunk bed to crossbody my brothers while we pretended to be our favorite wrestlers. When the opportunity to enter The Diva Search was presented to me, I jumped at the chance!

What’s the toughest part of being a Total Diva and what do you love most about your job?

This is a very tough job, which is why only a select few can do it. The constant travel and high impact from the physicality of the job takes a tremendous physical toll on your body. However, the emotional toll of constantly being away from your family is the hardest part. But this is my dream job. It is the perfect blending of professional athlete, model, and actress all into one. I get to compete in the ring in the morning then don a designer dress and rock a red carpet in the evening. I have the most amazing job on the planet.

Season one ended with a big rift between your family disapproving of your engagement. Will we see more of that story play out in season 2?

Absolutely! Episode one of Season 2 goes right into that. My family makes a surprise trip out to visit me in Florida, unaware that Jonathan and I had eloped.

Anything else you can share about the upcoming season two?

If you thought Season 1 had conflict and drama, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

What’s your life motto or best advice you ever received?

Do your best, let the God handle the rest.” There are areas of your life that are within your control, focus on and do your very best in those areas. The areas that you have no control over have faith and leave them to God.

 Now lets talk a little beauty…

 Your hair is everything! How do you maintain the red and keep it looking so beautiful and healthy?

It’s simple, I hire the best hairstylist who specializes in color. Jose Martinez is widely renown in the LA area as being one of the best, so I only go to him. CAUTION: To any women thinking about going red, it is a tremendous time and financial commitment. I am in the salon every three weeks and any and all furniture, clothing, towels, sheets or anything else you come in contact will be covered in red dye…hence my #AllRedEverything hashtag!

You rock a red lip like no other. Do you have a favorite red lipstick (brand and shade)?

Yes, RubyWoo by MAC.

If we took a look inside your bag—what are some of the products you never leave the house without?

Tantalizer, Protein Powder, SHREDZ Forever Fit line of supplements, a good concealer, moisturizer, and my Ruby Woo lipstick.

You’re very disciplined when it comes to fitness and eating healthy. What advice can you share with other girls trying to stay motivated with their own fitness routine?

It’s a struggle every day. However, it’s a struggle that can be won with preparation. The major component to achieving your fitness goals is preparation. Usually the emphasis is placed on discipline, while discipline is important; it’s not the key factor. If you are prepared, it will negate a sole reliance on discipline. For example, I prep and bag all my meals for the week and take them with me everywhere in a cooler bag. I am prepared. When I am hungry, on the road and see a cupcake store in the airport I want a cupcake. However, because I am prepared I already have healthy food on me and eat that instead to make my hunger go away. Rather than having to “resist” the urge to eat cupcakes by using discipline, I negate that urge by being prepared.

What is your definition of beauty?

Confidence. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin. That is the beauty of beauty, it comes in all forms of age, shape, height, color, and culture. Because confidence radiates from within and then manifests on the outside it transcends any myopic cookie cutter definitions of physical beauty set by media or culture. Every single woman is beautiful, and the more confident in who they are they become the more their beauty is reflected outwardly to those they encounter.

Season 2 of Total Divas airs this Sunday March 16th on E! & you can follow Eva on Instagram for more gorgeous photos.

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