Feature Friday -- Celebrity Makeup Artist Tammy Carraway

Tammy Carraway, bitchin browsFor this week's Feature Friday I want to introduce you to celebrity makeup artist Tammy Carraway. Tammy is the creator of the Bitchin' Brow kit and owner of The Makeup Closet studio. She shared exclusive tips for SGN readers that will make you want to attend one of her Bitchin parties. Read on to find out what I mean. What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

To be honest bad acne marks lol I was a pimple popper (yikes) and being young and not so makeup savvy I would go to makeup counters to have them cover my scares and they would always over apply, and cake it on, to where i felt i looked better without the makeup! I rather my imperfections hang out! So for the Sake of natural beauty and feeling overwhelmed with makeup, i went to a professional makeup school.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Ummm its F-a-b-u-lous with a capital (F) I'm so intrigued by beauty! The people, the bone structures, the free food on set! I love watching a makeup application elevate a client's mood, THAT'S THE BEST!

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day in The Makeup Closet (aka) The Closet is an elegant ball of fun,makeup,laughs and knowledge! My day starts off with a healthy face of Bitchin Brows! Seriously, I can't go a day without them. Once I arrive to the studio I beat my face, because its something about the shiny black walls and those beaming glamour lights that makes me feel right at home.

You have your own studio called The Makeup Closet. What services can clients get done there?

I love simplicity and I'm a spoiled American that loves fast service, so the Closet offers a happy hour fast service menu. By RSVP ONLY you may get a light beat that includes a quickie brow, foundation  mascara  liner, blush and lips -- or go all out and get a complete glamour with the Works! You may also come in for a brow fill in or just come and buy the Bitchin Brow kit and we will show you how to apply it. If its your birthday bring some friends and let's make it a Bitchin Brow party!

How did you come up with the Bitchin Brows kit? 

After completing a professional makeup academy for 1 year, I worked for MAC Cosmetics. I must say starting out I wasn't really good with every nook and cranny of the face! Buttt Ya girl could beat A Brow. And what I mean by that is I would without waxing, plucking or shaving create a well sculpted brow for my customers and they fell in love. I remember getting in trouble one day at MAC because a lady told my manger she wants the girl who plucks the brows to do her makeup (there was a non plucking, shaving rule at MAC) needless to say I would cover any eyebrow hair that got in my way to create a well-shaped brow. Took that brow lovin trick on the road almost 8 years later you Have BITCHIN BROWS ladies and gentlemen.

Why is the kit essential for women to own and is it easy to use?

This eyebrow kit is a girls BFF. By applying either eyebrow kit the Quickie or the Potted and using my 4 brow laws (brush/pencil/outline/blend) you can have breath taking natural eyebrows in less than 5 minutes! With work, school and parenting not every women have time everyday for a full face of makeup. So that's what this game changing product does. It frames, enhances, and gives the appearance of a freshly waxed eyebrow at your own finger tips.

Can you share a beauty tip with us?

Ok so you know that sexy lip gloss you have in your purse right now, the one that has shimmer in it? Shes a secret weapon (whispering) Lip gloss to the rescue! I love lip gloss, not because of its glitter and color,but because its quick to apply and can be worked all over the face. Yes, i do mean eyes,lips and cheeks! for quick all over color. Apply lip gloss to lips, dab a little on your cheeks and blend, then dab a bit on your eyelids. You can go neutral, warm, cool or bright and bold. If lip gloss is too shiny for you a creamy or matte lipstick can be used as well. Happy lipglossing

What advice can you give future makeup artists and those dreaming of opening up their own studio?

To Care, take care, give care, work with care, but most importantly care about the artistry and humility the rest will follow.

What has been one of the most memorable experiences along your journey?

I don't have one, because each day is a memorable experience, I'm grateful for my following, my success, and passion. I have almost 10 years in this industry and I'm still excited about it everyday -- and it shows.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is shy, she's sweet, she blushes, she giggles, she cries, her mascara runs, she has pimples, she wears makeup or not. She loves, she accepted, she knows that know-one is Perfect not even on a hot sunny day with cold lemonade but its ok, because she has her Bitchin Brow Kit on (winks).

Follow Tammy on Twitter & Instagram. And make sure to check out the Bitchin' Brow kit sold on www.themakeupcloset.com.