Feature Friday -- Bethany Watson of the Z100 Morning Show

bethany watson, z100 morning show, elvis duran, elvis duran and the morning show Today's guest on Feature Friday is someone I listen to every single morning on my way to work -- Bethany Watson. Bethany is a co-host on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100. Whenever I listen to the show callers always say, “I listen to you guys every morning.” And I always wonder why they all say the same thing. Last week I met Bethany and the first thing I yelled out was, “I listen to you every morning!” Now I understand the callers. I’ve been listening to this show for years and can’t help but feel like I know them. That's why this show is amazing -- they're incredibly relatable and make mornings fun. Bethany is just as full of joy in person as she is on the radio and I can’t wait for you guys to read this Q&A.

SuperGlamNews: Was it a dream of yours to be a radio personality? What led to that decision?

Bethany: I never saw myself getting into radio. Actually, I got into radio simply to get out of my job at a bank. I was working in Minneapolis in corporate banking and suddenly realized, "I have a theatre degree, I've performed improv professionally, I'm trained in communicating. Why am I sending wire transfers from a cubicle?" I had been a huge fan of my local morning show ("The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show," 101.3 KDWB), so I sent my acting headshot and resume to the host, along with bullet points of what I would bring to the show. I told him to give me one shot and promised that he wouldn't be disappointed. (That's how desperate I was to leave banking!)  To my surprise, he brought me in for an audition and I ended up getting the gig!

You have what most people would consider to be a dream job, working at the top radio show Z100 – what is your favorite part about your job?

I love the people we get to meet, and not just artists (although that's a blast).  I've gotten the most amazing emails from people who listen to the show and share their stories with me, and I'm overwhelmed with the strength that they possess. The ones that get me the most are kids who are being bullied in school. You can feel the pain they're feeling, yet they go back to school every day with a strength you'd never expect. And somehow, our morning show helps them. It's the most humbling thing. I just love our listeners.

What would you say has been the most difficult part of your career journey leading up to where you are now?

Trust. I SUCK at trust. As in, trusting that I'm good enough for this job. Trusting that I'm making the right decisions in my life. Trusting that I'm making Elvis happy with what I'm bringing to the show. I'm a people pleaser, so I'm always paranoid that I'm letting someone down. Ask my mom. I call her, like, once a week for a pep talk. (She's gotten really good at them!)

Career wise what other things would you like to accomplish?

Is "everything" a good answer? I want to do everything! I want to act more, write a book, be a columnist, learn Norwegian and French. I'd love to write a screenplay as well, and produce it for online distribution. I have a lot of plans, always. But my number one career goal is to do my absolute best on the radio and not do anything to get fired. Like swear on the radio. I swear. A lot.

Can you share some advice for others trying to make it in the communications/entertainment industry?

Absolutely! If you're in college, intern intern intern. That's the single best way to network, get your foot in the door, and show firsthand what an awesome person you are. Also, especially for radio, go out and meet personalities. If you know your local DJ is doing an appearance at a dealership or club, go visit them! Introduce yourself, show your passion, and let them know your goals. People want to help you! Lastly, just work. Do whatever you can do. College radio, student films, PA-ing on a TV set. Work begets work. Even if you think it's small, you never know what those small jobs will lead to!

And now for some beauty talk…

You hair looked absolutely beautiful when I met you and so healthy. Do you have specific products you use to keep it looking that way?

My hair is so forgiving to me. I treat it horribly and it always gives me another shot.  But I've recently fallen in love with Living Proof No Frizz leave-in conditioner. Even with all of the styling tools I use (why do I flatiron just to curl again??) it keeps my hair really soft.  And anything Paul Mitchell makes me happy, especially their Awapuhi line. I'm in love with the way it smells. I'm the strange girl at the salon, standing at the product shelves and inhaling shampoo...

What are some must-have products for your morning routine since you have to be up super early for the show?

My absolutely-number-one-no-question-product is Benefit's Erase Paste. I wake up at 3:30am, so the dark circles under my eyes are an impressive shade of purple. I used to layer multiple under eye concealers, but they ended up looking cakey and gross. Erase Paste covers in one application and is really moisturizing for that under eye area. Plus, Benefit doesn't test on animals, which is a huge priority for me. Innoxa Gouttes Bleues eye drops are INCREDIBLE, especially on days when you're tired or you're getting your picture taken. The drops are blue, so they brighten the whites of your eyes and make your eyes sparkle. And, always, blotting sheets. I go through them weekly.

Any beauty tricks that you’ve picked up a long the way that you could share with us?

My best friend Bridget (bridgetbuys.com) is a stylist and is constantly helping me out with style advice. She recently told me that, if you're stuck on what to wear or you're short on time, go to your basics: skinny jeans, a basic tee, and a motto jacket. Throw on heels and you have a sleek, trendy outfit that took zero time to put together. As far as hair and makeup, never underestimate the power of olive oil! I've used it in a pinch as cuticle cream, under eye moisturizer, and curl definer! A little bit goes a long way, obviously, but it's magic. And it's delicious on bread, but that's beside the point. Also I love bread.

What is your definition of beauty?

That's very easy. Beauty is when a woman feels amazing about herself. Oddly, it has very little to do with outward appearance. A woman could be wearing zero makeup, the simplest clothes, or a garbage bag as a poncho. But if she feels incredible about herself, it shines. You can't fake it, and you know it when you see it.

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