Feature Friday- Alexa Prisco, The Glam Fairy

This Feature Friday is all about glamour! SuperGlam writer, Courtney, has snagged an interview with the one and only Alexa Prisco -- The Glam Fairy. Find out what it takes to be a Glam Fairy here!

What are the glam fairies and who what does it mean to be THE Glam Fairy?

The glam fairies are my employees!  To be a fairy you have to meet a bunch of criteria other than being simply a makeup artist.  You have to be fabulous, confident, an "alpha" -- a person that can take control of the room and be able to run things efficiently so that a bride is delivered down the aisle on time -- and of course she has to be gorgeous!

Can you tell us more about your glam training?

I would say there are two kinds of glam training... the training I have undergone was through MAC cosmetics-- there I went through numerous courses to give me ranks of certification.  However I would say that makeup artistry isn't something that can be trained... of course I teach classes personally and I truly believe in teaching people skills, however the knowledge I have gained is through practicing my skills daily and learning every day as I go along.  My artistry is never perfected, its never done.  There is a world of knowledge that is still out there and a true makeup artist understands that the best skill and tool they can have is humility.  When you understand that there is always someone better you will always strive for excellence.  Aside from that aspect of glam training, as far as my skills go, I also teach classes to women and men that want to learn how to be a makeup artist or people that just want to perfect their skills so that they can create a smokey eye on their own!

What is it like being part of Jerseylicious?

Jerseylicious has been an amazing adventure for me and every day I am very grateful to my producers and STYLE for giving me this opportunity and letting the world see what I have to offer.  Believe me its not all peaches and crème shooting a TV show, as wonderful as the response as been, there is also a world of stress with my absolutely insane schedule but in an economy like this I truly feel blessed. But don't miss the season 3 premiere on Sunday, May 15th at 8pm ET/PT on The Style Network.

How did your business, The Glam Fairy, start?

I actually have a degree in English writing and I always thought that I would end up writing for a magazine... however my mom told me to do whatever my passion is so to speak.  That being said I worked at the Mac counter all throughout college and I loved putting makeup on women!  The Glam Fairy was born-- my mom helped me with the title by telling me that my height was a selling point.  I did my first small bridal show of only eight brides and booked every bride!  The rest is history!

What are your best makeup tips?

I would say my best tip is to have continuity... if your doing a natural look do a polished natural look... not just mascara and gloss.  Tinted moisturizer, a light shimmery shadow, a small amount of a flush blush and lip liner is still natural.  If your going smokey don't just do your eyes... make sure the look is completed.  Another great tip is to not be brand loyal... I feel that there is no brand that has perfected every product.  Be your own beauty blogger... find your best favorite products and have your makeup collection be a perfected trial and error process.  Final makeup tip-- never try a daring look an hour before you plan on going out.  Play with your makeup on a night that you’re NOT going out.  Pull out pictures from a magazine of the look you want to create.  Pull out a big desk lamp and let the light shine on your face.  With a very clear mirror positioned under the lamp go step by step trying to create your look.  If once section is going great than wipe it off and try again.  The next time you try to create the look it will be a piece of cake!

Don't miss the Jerseylicious reunion this sunday on the STYLE Network 8pm ET/PT! And follow her @TheGlamFairy.