Fashion Care Package!

The holidays are always a great time to show your loved ones how special they are to you. Giving thoughtful, creative gifts for the holiday season can be a bit tricky. For the style expert or budding fashionista in your life, show them you care with a fashion care package! Find a fun usable tote bag, box, or any container. You can decorate this with stickers, photos and  inside quotes! Then fill it with some of the hottest trends this season. Personalize it to their individual style, and they'll remember it for a lifetime(:

Here are some great fashion goodies to fill your care packages with:

Beanies!- They are warm and casual, plus super IN right now. They come in different prints, colors, and designs. Here are my favorites, both from Forever21.

Statement Necklaces!- Statement necklaces scream sophistication and a bold personality.

Slouchy Sweater- Sweaters are great for lazy days or dressy occasions. Choose from graphic, embellished, cable knit, neon, or classic styles. All fabulous and warm!

Also, including assorted belts, rings, bracelets, and even vintage brooches are a great way to complete your fashion care package!