Fall Hair Makeover With Clairol

Last week I shared my experience with Clairol Professional hair dye and now I want to show you the results. All Summer long I had an orangey, blond color and dyed it a bit darker. I was left with a really light brown color with streaks of blond sticking through. The arrival of Fall always makes me want to go even darker with my hair and so that's what I did. I used Clairol Proffesional in 3GN Classic Sunset Brown to get the darker color I have now. The reason I went with a sunset brown and not a dark brown is because my hair takes hair dye quickly. If I would have used a darker brown the results would have been super dark hair, almost black.

The results from Clairol were perfect. I got the darker hair I wanted without going too dark. My brown color has been warmed up, the blond streaks are no longer peaking through. My hair also looks and feels so healthy. After dying and styling it my hair was super shiny and soft. I plan on touching up my hair every couple of months and this will be my go-to hair dye. I feel confident that I'll achieve the color I want every time and the health of my hair won't have to suffer either.


Here are some tips for the best experience when dying your hair at home:

  • Apply hair dye on hair that isn't super clean. Try waiting a day or two from the last time you wash your hair to apply the hair color.
  • Apply a conditioner or hair mask after you've washed the hair dye out and leave in for about five minutes at least.
  • Once all hair dye, shampoo and conditioner have been washed out, allow your hair to air dry for as long as possible (the less heat applied the better).
  • Don't wash your hair again for about 2-3 days.

Dying your hair at home? I recommend Clairol Professional for an easy and stress-free experience.

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