Facial Under $5

If ever there was ever a time to save money; it'd be now. During one of my monthly...okay weekly visits to Ulta beauty supply store I came across this new skin care brand called, The Republic of Pink Bliss. The pink packaging of course was the first thing to catch my attention, and then the amazing sweet smell. They had so many things to choose from: body and foot scrubs, lotion, body wash, bath crystals even slim down lotions.

Obviously I had to give one of the items a try. I went with their, Peel Away The Blues, face mask (On sale for $4.87 limited time only). The mask is pomegranate scented and a clear , thick consistency. I applied a thick layer to my face as directed and left it on for about 10 to 15 minutes.


  • The mask is clear so you can't really tell if it's getting in your hair or if you've removed everything.
  • It's REALLY sticky.
  • Once it dries it's difficult to remove. Paper towels or cotton swabs will stick to your face, and water alone won't get it all off. Try instead wetting a face towel and gently wipe it off.


  • Smells great. A very girly scent.
  • You can feel it working instantly. Dries up quickly.
  • The results are glowy smooth skin. Doesn't dry skin out

For less than $5 it wasn't bad at all. I'd definitely give some of their other products a try too. Check out more Republic of Pink Bliss products at Ulta.