Face Powder: Loose or Pressed?

When it comes to face makeup, powder is an absolute necessity. It's most significant purpose is to even out one's skin tone by allowing any previously applied concealer to set. In doing so, the powder also helps minimize shine. Another option is to use powder as an overall foundation, without any added layers of concealer. This is a great option for people seeking the no makeup look. Still, many people are left confused when it comes to powder, considering there are two very distinct types: loose and pressed. So, what gives?

Loose Powder

Loose powder is my personal preference out of the two types. Loose powders generally come in larger containers and allow for more coverage through the use of a large, bronzer-size brush. As such, for people who prefer using strictly powder as their foundation, loose powder comes highly recommended. In addition, loose powder is ideal for being kept at one's at-home vanity; unfortunately, it's not all that travel-friendly.

For faces, my favorite loose powder is the BareMinerals Original Foundation.


Pressed Powder

While still effective in covering up blemishes, pressed powder does not provide nearly as much coverage as loose powder can. For this reason, pressed is the ideal type of powder for small, quick, skin solutions. Likewise, pressed powder can sometimes have the shine effect that liquid makeup typically has on skin, if applied too heavily. As a result, one should be careful with how gently and minimally it is applied.

A pressed powder that I find effective for small touch-ups is the Blot Powder by MAC.


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