My Eyebrow Routine: How I Lighten + Fill In My Brows

I saw this quote on Instagram and it couldn't be any truer -- "I didn't know how important eyebrows would be to me once I got older." I literally didn't realize the important of filling in your eyebrows until someone did it for me. The smallest little change made a world of a difference. I've tried many products, some I loved and some not so much, but I finally found one that I'm obsessed with. You guys know every time I become obsessed with new products I just have to share.

For this video I decided to show you my entire eyebrow routine -- from lightening them to filling them in once I do my makeup. There are tons of difference techniques when it comes to filling in your brows and this is just the one I prefer. My routine is pretty simple to follow. If you're looking for a fuss-free way of doing your eyebrows press play below.

PS. I never wax my eyebrows, I always have them threaded. The wax always burned my skin, no matter how many places I tried. Plus I love how the shape comes out when they are threaded. 

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