Eye Primer: The Ultimate Smudge Solution

Believe it or not, time and makeup are two very linked concepts. Just about every "getting ready" process sparks the main question: what will become of my face after several hours away from my vanity? Will my eyeliner smudge whenever I blink? Will my once crisp eyeshadow colors blend and fade? For this reason, I have dubbed eye primer one of the most underrated beauty products.


Eye primer is relatively basic in the sense that it takes seconds to apply and is consistently reliable with regard to its purpose.

My eye primer brand of choice is Urban Decay. To use Urban Decay's Primer Potion, squirt a very small amount of the liquid onto your finger tip and rub it into and around your eyelid at the start of your makeup regimen. Let it set for approximately 1-2 minutes before applying the rest of your eye makeup as you would normally. This particular brand of primer also comes in four shades so you can choose colors that will either match your skin or add shine to the shadow's base.


The primer will guarantee the longevity of your shadow color and definition for a full work day or a long night out. By using this product you can forget your fear of oil and sweat ruining what was once a beautifully painted masterpiece.

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