Embrace Your Inner Hippie With the Headband Trend

One accessory that I have always admired from afar is the headband, especially when worn as a headwrap. It always seemed to me that the girls executing this trend were somehow more fashionable, or a cooler, more hipster version of myself. I can still hear myself saying, “I just can’t pull that off.” Now looking from a more logical perspective, I have concluded that the “I just can’t pull that off” line is no excuse for anyone. If you embrace the trends that intrigue you, you will find that you can wear them as fashionably as they’ve ever been done.

When it comes to the latest hair accessories, the key is to be confident. Wearing headbands that go across your forehead can be done both during the day and night, and are perfect in the sense that they go with just about every outfit and add some excitement to your look with very little effort.

Lately you can find cute headbands in just about every store. Anthropologie has a great selection of thin, beaded headbands, which are ideal for dressier events, or for times when your outfit boasts more sparkle. Likewise, Free People is your go-to for wider, fabric headwraps, which are generally more appropriately worn throughout the daytime.

I recently purchased a braided brown cloth headband that is medium width. I was hesitant to wear it at first, considering my long time headband phobia, but when I finally forced myself to embrace my inner hippie, I not only felt super fashionable, but I got a ton of compliments!

If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you give this accessory a shot. Without any kind of curling iron or fancy hair product, you will have discovered an edgier version of yourself and your hair.

Anthropologie Beaded Headband


Free People Turban Headband