Effortlessly Chic

Sometimes I love going all out with my red lipstick and showstopping outfits, but I think there is nothing more attractive than a women who looks pulled together without even trying to! The "Oh, I just threw this together last minute" look just screams chic to me. One of my favorite celebrities who exudes this style is actress, Kate Bosworth! Here are some of my favorite looks from her. kate bosworth

The Chambray motorcycle jacket  gives off  a  casual,worn-out look.

Also notice how soft her color palette is here, all watercolors, and light blues. There is also a slight loose-fitting silhouette that

 gives off this "I didn't really try" look.

kate bosworth 2

Here she tones down this dressy, conservative look with a flowy white tee. She lets

the key focus be her green skirt, and plays her shoes and accessories down a notch. The key is minimalism.


This is a perfect shopping outfit! I love a classic white button up, and she plays up this outfit with only a black bag and sandals. She looks comfy and stylish.

I hope you girls try out this "effortlessly chic" look. This way YOU are the center of attention, instead of your outfit. Xoxo M.