Easy Makeup For A Job Interview

interview makeup, easy makeup for a job interview, makeup for work When you're up for a job interview you want to look and present the employer with the absolute best version of yourself. Sure, you might feel your most confident wearing a bold lipstick but when it comes to the work place that's not always the best option. First impressions are very important and at interviews they're usually the only chance you get at making a lasting one.

There are some work places where a bolder more unique look is appreciated, like the fashion industry. But, for the most part sticking to a simpler look is the way to go in the beginning. You don't want a look that will be distracting and take away from the great points you're about to make at the interview or big presentation.

In this makeup tutorial I show you a look that is perfect for a job interview or every day workday. Best of all this look is easy and simple. After you watch the tutorial check some interview do's below.


Interview Do's:

Do print copies of your resume the night before (on thicker, resume paper)

Do arrive 15 minutes early

Do lay your outfit out the night before and try it on to make sure it looks great

Do get dressed after your makeup is done so you don't run the risk of getting makeup on your outfit -- especially if you're wearing white!

Do remain positive no matter what -- you landed that interview for a reason