Dry Shampoos You'll Love

Washing your hair every day can be really drying, and daily blow drying and heat styling isn't good either. Dry shampoos are a perfect solution for second day hair to avoid greasiness and stop frying your hair with daily heat styling. I've tried out a bunch of the most readily available dry shampoos to find the best. Batiste: 10/10 stars


Batiste makes absolutely wonderful dry shampoos. There are different scents and color options, and all of them are good. They are the only ones I've found that leave the hair feeling clean as well as looking clean. Your hair will be oil-free and soft like it's just been washed, and the residue can be rubbed out to look normal without a white or gray tint. They're about $8 for 5.5oz, but so worth the extra few dollars.


Suave Professionals: 8/10 stars



If I'm looking for a quick buy at Walmart or Target, I'll buy this one. It's decent and inexpensive at about $3 for 5oz. It smells good, gets rid of the oil, adds some volume, but does leave a white residue in your hair. You can rub it out with your fingers, but if you have dark hair, it'll stay a little bit gray tinted. Your hair won't feel soft like when it's just been washed, but for a pony tail day, that's totally fine.

Salon Graphics Invisible Shampoo: 7/10 stars


This one really is invisible. It doesn't leave any residue, which is great for darker hair. However, it's not the best for soaking up oil, so it may be fine for second day hair but not third. It gives some extra texture though, which is good for teasing and volumizing. $6 for 4oz.

Tresemme Fresh Start: 6/10


Tresemme's is decent. It absorbs oil, but leaves the hair with a weird texture. Your hair will not be soft and touchable at all, and it will have that grayish tint. It is a good price though at about $5 for 5.7oz.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume: 3/10 stars



The John Frieda spray doesn't do a great job at getting rid of oil and refreshing your hair, which is the whole point of a dry shampoo. It also leaves a flakey residue that looks more like dandruff than normal dry shampoo residues, and it's harder to get out with your fingers or a brush. It's about $6 for 3.5oz.