Dress to Impress for a Job Interview – 4 Simple Tips!

It’s no secret that first impressions make an impact. This is especially true when interviewing for a job, because you rarely get a second chance to impress employers if you don’t the first time.   So, if you are just entering the job market or hoping to make a change, make sure that the first impression you give is a good one. While you might be thinking that it’s the resume I am referring to, it’s not. Sure, that is extremely important, but so is your appearance when you walk in to meet your potential future employer. Even though you might want to rebel against the reality of it, dressing for the interview can be just as important as the resume. In other words, if you don’t impress them visually within the first minute, they just might not pay attention to you for the rest of the interview. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a great first impression. You just have to dress in a manner that lets the employer know you are taking this opportunity, as well as their time seriously.  Read on to learn more…

Interview Attire Inspiration Board, how to dress for an interview

Tip #1 - The Proper Attire

The first thing you should consider is the position you are hoping to land, and if your choice of clothing makes sense for it. For example, if you are applying for a sales position, a professional business suit would be appropriate, or a professional skirt and top. Even a nice pair of dress pants and top would work.

Dressing conservatively is always best, so avoid any low cut tops, high cut skirts and overly tight garments. Additionally, shoes should be closed-toe and neutrally colored. Because you’re striving to be taken seriously, forego the sexy heel in favor of slight elevation (ballet flats will come across as too casual). Pumps are the universally accepted choice, and make sure your shoes aren’t scuffed!

Supposing you are seeking a position in construction, line work in a factory, or a waitress, then a suit would be a bit much. You could opt for a nice pair of pants and top, rather than a dress or business suit. But, never show up to an interview in jeans, sweatshirt, t-shirt, or shorts.

Tip #2 - Neat and Clean

Next, make sure the outfit you choose to wear is neat and clean. Even if it’s freshly laundered, check for stains and rips in the seams. However, it’s not just enough to make sure the clothing is clean and intact. Wearing clothes to an interview that appear as though you slept in them isn’t going to do you any favors either. If you don’t have an iron, place the clothes in a dryer with a wet towel for a few minutes to remove wrinkles. Also, don’t walk in with chipped nail polish or food in your teeth. Take a quick look at yourself in the rearview mirror before exiting your car to go in. It takes only seconds, but could save you a lot of embarrassment in the end.

Tip #3 - Go Undercover

We all want to be able to express our true self, right? Well, there is a place and time for everything…and a job interview isn’t always the ideal place to be artistically expressive. For the interview, cover up tattoos with sleeves or makeup and remove all piercings besides those in the ear lobes. If you are not able to… or don’t want to adhere to the tips above on a daily basis, then you should ask what their policy is on these issues. Some places will be fairly lenient, while others have strict guidelines.

Tip #4 - Keep it Simple 

Sometimes, less is more. I’m not suggesting you wear less clothing, of course. But, wearing a perfume that overpowers your resume could be physically offensive to people with allergies and asthma. So, don’t risk it. Also, makeup should be kept to a minimum, but worn. In other words, don’t choose a bright red lipstick, heavy eye liner, or anything excessive that would be distracting. Instead, go with muted shades that compliment your skin and outfit. The same general rule should be applied to your entire outfit, because your skills, personality, and enthusiasm for the position should be the star of the interview, not the clothing.

Photo Credits: Blazer & Dress Pants – Mango, Blouse – Gant, Hobo Bags Purse & Wallet – Footwear Etc., Pumps – Lori’s, Marc Jacobs Watch – Saks Fifth Avenue.