Don't Miss The Beauty Sample Sale and SHAPE Magazine are hosting the annual beauty sample sale in NYC this Wednesday October 12th. Attendees will leave this event with goody bags filled with products, enjoy complimentary services and enjoy appetizers and drinks with your best girlfriends. This is a can’t-miss event for those looking to shop and be pampered for a night. The Beauty Sample Sale will be held in NYC at 280 10th Ave. Purchase your tickets asap at

“I’ve always loved sample sales, what woman doesn’t? There are plenty of such sales for the clothes horse but there were no events for beauty aficionados like myself. Women may know what brands of jeans look best on them, but when it comes to finding the perfect shade of red lipstick or picking skin care that suits her skin, sampling is essential,” said Carolyn Brundage, chief executive officer and founder of

This event is held all over the country, so if you won’t be in the NYC area this week check out where and when they will also be held.