Do It Up: Easy Everyday Updos

For busy women on the run, there are three weekday hairstyles that take the forefront: down and natural, the classic ponytail, and the chic/messy bun. It's no surprise that these looks are our go-to's; they are practical, relatively cute, and can be created in a matter of seconds. But who's to say "fancy" updos are impractical? Here are two updos that take under five minutes to create and will allow you to break the boring weekday hair cycle. The outcome? Trendy looks that won't slow down your morning routine.

The Sock Bun




Sock Bun3

Start by creating a sock doughnut. Cut the toe of a sock that matches your hair color. Scrunch the sock so that it resembles a doughnut. Pull your hair back into a slick, high ponytail. Secure it with a hair tie. Next, pull the ponytail through the doughnut hole, keeping the sock at the pony's end. Spread your hair evenly over the sock and tuck the ends underneath it. With the first layer of hair arranged in a loose circle around the sock, begin to roll the sock and hair toward the elastic. As you roll, tuck any loose strands. Once you have reached the root of your ponytail, secure the bun with hair/bobby pins.

The Low Braided Bun

This look has its full effect when hair is left naturally tasseled.


Begin by parting your hair down the middle and securing your hair into a low pony with an elastic, leaving two thin strands of hair out of the pony at the front left and right sides. Take a small portion of the pony and braid it fully. Next, wrap the unbraided portion into a bun, securing it with pins and another hair tie if necessary. Finally, take the braid and wrap it around it around the rim of the bun, securing it with pins.

Vuala! Glam updos within minutes.

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