DIY Sugar Exfoliants For Summer-Ready Skin

Summer is almost here which means shorts, sundresses, and sleeveless tops. It also means you can no longer hide your dry skin under big sweaters and long pants.

Exfoliating is a fabulous and easy solution for getting your skin summer ready. But instead of spending money on expensive exfoliating treatments, you can make your own all-natural exfoliators by using ingredients you already have lying around the house or don't cost that much to buy.

So before you book yourself an appointment at your favourite spa, try making your own exfoliating treatments that's not only simple but oh-so-sweet.

Hey Sugar Exfoliating treatments are handy when getting your skin in shape for summer as it helps to shed layers of dead, scaly skin off your body, leaving you with a healthy glow and touchable soft skin.

All you need in sugar, coconut oil (or olive oil if you don't like coconut oil), a few mason jars with secure lids, and a few of your favourite essential oils.

Once you have all your ingredients, combine your coconut oil (or olive oil) with enough sugar that you create a paste. Stir it until it is well combined and add in a few drops of your chosen essential oil. Mix that thoroughly so that all the ingredients are properly combined and scoop your mixture into your jars. Remember to make sure your jars have secure lids or you won't just have an exfoliating treatment, you will also have a big mess to clean up.

If you want to have different scents, simply make a few batches of the mixture, just make them smaller so you can add different oils to each batch.

Another bonus of these easy DIY exfoliants is that they keep beautifully for months at a time.

Once you have all your jars divided into their different scents, label each jar so you know which treatment you are using and then just simply scoop out a bit of your paste each time you are in the shower.

To maximize your sugar exfoliant, you don't need to use it all over your body each time you shower, just use it on the areas of your body that are the driest such as your legs, knees, feet, elbows, hands, or arms.

Finally, not only does this DIY treatment make for a luxurious scrub but it can also make for a beautiful gift for any of your girlfriends. Just be sure to decorate your mason jar with ribbon, twine, or even use chalkboard paint to create a chalkboard label on the front of the jar and then write a little message.

Your friends will not only appreciate the homemade and thoughtful gift, they will also appreciate the personalization of each jar.

And who said DIY projects had to be time-consuming and difficult?

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